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The Winton Woods City Schools Board of Education believes that a neat and orderly appearance is a positive factor for school safety and success. In keeping with that belief, the following approved uniform policy shall be adhered to by all students in Winton Woods City Schools. The expectation is that students will dress in a manner that reflects positively on the District at all school-related activities.

Permitted Attire K-12

A. Solid white, navy or hunter green polo-style collared shirts (long or short sleeve), turtlenecks--mock or regular style. Tops are to be tucked into bottoms - no exposed midriffs, low cut shirts or oversized shirts.

B. Solid white, navy blue or hunter green vests, sweatshirts, sweaters. When wearing an approved vest, sweatshirt, or sweater, an approved, polo-style collared shirt or turtleneck, mock or regular style, must be worn underneath. Students may wear solid white, navy blue, or hunter green long sleeve shirt under any short sleeve polo style shirt.

C. Navy blue or khaki traditional or classic fit pants (flat front or pleated), shorts, skirts, skorts, Capri pants, or jumpers (no logos). Bottoms must be sized for the waist and be secure at the natural waist. Pants must not drag on the floor. All skirts, skorts, shorts, and jumpers must be longer than mid-thigh.

D. All clothing must be clean and in good repair.

E. Grades 3-12: Shoes must have a closed toe and be securely fastened to the heel in the back.


Occasionally and only when announced, building administrators may permit the wearing of District-approved spirit wear bearing the Winton Woods name, colors, logo, and mascot, etc., in connection with or instead of uniform shirts, sweatshirts, and sweaters.

Occasionally, building administrators may permit the wearing of even more dressy clothes when it would be appropriate for special events such as students giving presentations, meeting with school guests, attending public functions, participating in photography sessions, etc.

Prohibited Attire/Accessories

The following list is not meant to be all-inclusive. It represents at a minimum those items of attire and those wardrobe choices which are specifically prohibited. This list will be modified as needed to reflect changing fashions and trends in style. 

A. Any top or bottom not listed above in the permitted attire.

B. Oversized clothing items and clothing with lettering or logos.

C. Sweat pants, jeans, or jean style (regardless of color), cargo pants or pants with pockets on the legs, cut-offs, and rolled-up pants.

D. Jewelry and other accessories that include obscene, violent, gang, tobacco, drug/alcohol-related writing or images.

E. Jewelry and other accessories that belittle others (e.g. race, ethnicity, religion, gender, or physical characteristics).

F. Hats, hoods, head coverings, bandanas, sweatbands, and sunglasses worn while inside buildings.

G. High heels, stiletto heels, wedge heels, flip-flops, Heelys (shoes with wheels), and slipper-style shoes. H. Exposed chains, jewelry, dog collars, spikes, piercings, and other articles judged to be potentially harmful.

I. Over-sized purses or handbags.

J. Belts made with metal or chain link, or belts having nameplates or wording.

K. No undergarments may show.

L. Leg covering, socks, etc. must be solid uniform colors or natural.

M. Any button, jewelry, hair accessory or another accessory which displays vulgar, lewd, obscene, or plainly offensive language is prohibited. This includes any accessory that advocates the use of alcohol or drugs and any accessory that makes reference to or identifies gangs.

N. Students are prohibited from wearing pants and skirts at the same time.

O. Makeup, hairstyles, and hair colors that are judged disruptive to the educational process are prohibited.

CONSEQUENCES FOR NON-COMPLIANCE: Students who, in the judgment of the administration or any staff member, are dressed inappropriately for school will be sent to the office along with the parental notification. The final interpretation of all uniform policies will be made by the school administrator. Principals shall have the discretion to permit attire that is especially dressy for special identified events (e.g., presentations, visits to other schools, entertaining visitors, etc.)

UNIFORM ASSISTANCE: Students receiving cash assistance under the Ohio Works First Program or Aid to Dependent Children (ADCU/ADC/ADCR) are eligible for uniform assistance. (See Policy 6152.01)

Revised 9/28/09
Revised 5/23/11
Revised 6/24/13
Revised 7/28/14
Revised 7/27/15
Revised 2/27/17
Revised 6/25/18
Revised 6/24/19

Last Modified by Jeanette J Jordan on June 14, 2021