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Schools may be closed due to severe weather, emergencies or other conditions that may affect the safety of our students, families and staff. Winton Woods City Schools will make every effort to publicize these announcements as soon as a decision is made to close school or delay the opening of school.

We encourage parents to check our district's website at and the media outlets listed below early and often when severe weather is predicted. Please do not call the school to inquire about possible closings. A decision to close schools covers one school day only. New announcements will be made each day if the situation warrants this.


Before any decision to close school due to severe weather occurs, there are numerous discussions between the Superintendent, Director of Business Affairs, Transportation Director and others as the situation is assessed. Roads are driven, sidewalks examined and telephone calls are made to local police agencies, adjacent school districts and local municipal governments.

Our goal is always to make the decision to delay or close school prior to 5:30 a.m. If it is possible to make the decision the night before, we will do so to give our families, students and staff increased notice. Communication is vital in these situations. Bus drivers, radio and TV stations, custodians and our webmaster must all be given the appropriate information. However, due to the wide-range of start and dismissal times (7:10-9:10 a.m. and 2:30-4:10 p.m.) as well as changing weather conditions across the district’s twelve square miles, there are times when delays or cancellations must be called during those time periods. Decisions are always made in the best interest of the safety of our students, families, residents and staff.


When there is inclement weather, Winton Woods City Schools may exercise the following two options as determined by district administration:

  • There will be no AM preschool classes and PM preschool classes will meet as normal.
  • There will be no Zero Bell for Academy of Global Studies
  • There will be no AM Project Success
  • PM Project Success will operate on a one hour delay



  • News and Announcements section of the district's website,
  • Automated Calling System (see details in the section below)  
  • Social Media Outlets - Facebook, Twitter, and NextDoor
  • Radio and Television Stations:
AM Radio Stations FM Radio Stations Television Stations
WLW 700 AM WVXU 91.7 FM WIZF 101.1 FM WLWT Channel 5 WCPO Channel 9
WCKY 1530 AM WOFX 92.5 FM WKRQ 101.9 FM WKRC Channel 12 WXIX Channel 19
WCNW 1560 AM MYSTAR 93.3 FM WEBN 102.7 FM  WSTR Channel 64  
WMOH 1450 AM WVMX 94.1 FM WUBE 105.1 FM    
  WKID 95.9 FM WNKR 106.5 FM    
  WARM 98.5 FM WKFS 107.1 FM    
  WMOJ 100.3 FM WMUB 88.5 FM    

The news media will be informed that Winton Woods City Schools is either closed or on a two (2) hour delay with no preschool.
NOTE: Non-Public schools will follow Winton Woods City Schools' bus schedule.

Winton Woods City Schools also offers the ability to provide important and urgent phone messages to parents via our One Call Now service. Using this technology, this system can reach large groups quickly regarding:

  • messages about school closings and delays due to weather
  • announcements about important school news
If your telephone number for this automated phone calling system needs to be updated, please contact your child's school office or visit the Winton Woods City Schools website at You can also click here to update your information in the One Call Now system.


  • When school is cancelled or dismissed early for snow, all athletic activities (games and practices) will be cancelled for that day.
  • Snow days that occur on Friday, do not necessarily cancel activities on Saturday. Saturday interscholastic activities will be evaluated based upon weather and road conditions.
  • For updates and details, individuals are directed to access Winton Woods Middle School's webpage.
  • When school is cancelled or dismissed early for snow, a collaborative decision on practices and/or games will be made by the High School Athletic Director and the High School administration of both teams based upon projected road and weather conditions.
  • Snow days that occur on Friday, do not necessarily cancel activities on Saturday. Interscholastic athletic activities will be evaluated by the High School administration and will be based upon projected road and weather conditions.
  • For updates and details, individuals are directed to access Winton Woods High School's webpage.
NOTE: In the event of a Level 2 or 3 Snow Emergency, there will be no interscholastic activities of any kind.  

Scheduled activities will be cancelled when the District is closed due to inclement weather. Cancellations will be made with as much warning as possible. Weather closings on Fridays may cause weekend cancellations. Scheduled users must contact the Business Office on Friday between 8:00 AM and 3:00 PM to check on weekend availability. If no contact is made, renters must assume the activity is cancelled.