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Section 2000 Program


Code - po 2623

Status - Active

Legal - R.C. 3301.079, 0710, .0711, .0714, .0715, .0729, 3313.608, 3313.608(D), 3313.6012

A.C. 3301-13, 3301-35

Adopted - January 26, 1998

Last Revised - October 23, 2017




The Board of Education shall assess student achievement and needs in all program areas in compliance with State law and the rules adopted by the State Board of Education. The purpose of such assessments will be to determine the progress of students and to assist them in attaining student performance objectives and the educational achievement goals of this District.


The Board shall administer the State-mandated tests (e.g., diagnostic assessments and achievement tests) to students at the times designated by the State Board of Education. The Board may, for medical reasons or other good cause, excuse a student from taking a State-mandated test on the date scheduled, but any such test shall be administered to such excused student not later than nine (9) days following the scheduled date. The Board shall annually report, not later than June 30th, the number of students who have not taken one (1) or more of the State-mandated tests to the State Board of Education.


The District shall require that all appropriate staff have knowledge of the prescribed standards of ethical assessment practice and shall monitor the assessment practices for compliance with these standards. These duties shall include:


  1. communicating standards of ethical assessment practice;
  2. communicating security procedures for assessment;
  3. establishing procedures for reviewing assessment materials and procedures and assessment preparation materials and procedures;
  4. establishing channels of communication that allow teachers, other educators, students, parents, and other members of the community to voice concerns about assessment practices;
  5. establishing written procedures for investigating complaints, allegations, and/or concerns about assessment practices, protecting the rights of an individual, the integrity of an assessment, and the results of an assessment. 


The Board shall provide academic intervention services in pertinent subject areas to students who score below the proficient level in reading, writing, mathematics, social studies, or science achievement test, or who do not demonstrate academic performance at their grade level based on the results of a diagnostic assessment.


At least annually, staff members will assess the academic achievement and learning needs of each student. Procedures for such assessments may include, but need not be limited to, teacher observation techniques, cumulative student records, student performance data collected through standard testing programs, and physical examinations.


The Superintendent shall develop a program of testing that includes:


  1. administration of State-mandated tests (e.g., diagnostic assessment and achievement tests), at no cost to students, in accordance with the provisions of A.C. 3301-13-02;
  2. performance-based tests at appropriate grade levels to measure achievement of performance objectives in composition, mathematics, science, social studies, and reading;
  3. District or teacher-made achievement or performance tests;
  4. tests of mental ability;
  5. norm-referenced achivement tests.


"Achievement test" means "a test, aligned with the Ohio academic content standards and model curriculum, designed to measure a student's level of knowledge or skill in a specific subject area that is expected at the end of a designated grade and/or is required as part of the Ohio graduation requirement."


"Alternate assessment" means "the use of an assessment instrument, other than the Ohio achievement tests or diagnostic assessments, that meets the requirements of all applicable Federal and State laws and A.C. 3301-13-03."


"Diagnostic assessment" means "an assessment aligned with Ohio academic content standards and model curriculum, designed to measure student comprehension of academic content and mastery of related skills for a relevant subject area at each grade level, kindergarten through three, as defined in R.C. 3301.079."


"Ohio graduation tests" means "the achievement tests, aligned with academic content standards and model curriculum, designed to measure a student's level of academic achievement expected at the end of the tenth grade in writing, reading, mathematics, social studies, and science."


"Performance standards" means "a score adopted by the State Board of Education indicative of a particular level of academic achievement at a designated grade for each achievement test or alternate assessment."


"Statewide tests" means "any assessment that is provided by the Ohio Department of Education (ODE) for use in all participating schools in the State."


The Superintendent shall develop:


  1. procedures for the regular collection of student performance data;
  2. a plan for the design of classroom-based intervention services to meet the instructional needs of individual students as determined by the results of diagnostic assessments; and
  3. procedures for using student performance data to evaluate the effectiveness of intervention services and, if necessary, to modify such services. 


For any student who failed to demonstrate at least a score at the proficient level on an achievement test during the preceding school year, the Board shall provide appropriate intervention services commensurate with the student's test performance in each such test area, including intensive prevention, intervention, or remediation required under R.C. 3301.0711, 3301.0715, 3313.608, or R.C. 3313.6012.


The Board shall require that:


  1. parents be informed of the testing program of the schools and of the special tests that are to be administered to their children;
  2. data regarding individual test scores be entered on the student's cumulative record, where it will be subject to the Board's student records policy;
  3. the aggregate results of each school-wide, program-wide, and District-wide test be made part of the public record. 


Summer remediation services shall meet the following conditions:


  1. the remediation methods are based on reliable educational research;
  2. testing will be conducted before and after students participate in the program to facilitate monitoring results of the remediation services;
  3. the parents of participating student will be involved in programming decisions;
  4. the services will be conducted in a school building or community center and not on an at-home basis. 


The Board shall keep records for each student including the following:


  1. a unique State student identification code or a student data verification code as required in accordance with R.C. 3301.0714(D)(2);
  2. a list or designation of which tests are required and which tests are not required;
  3. a list or designation of which tests, required or not required, are taken and which are not taken at each test administration period;
  4. score for each test taken, required or not;
  5. whether each student attained the requisite performance standard designated for each required test;
  6. what if any tests must still be taken;
  7. whether or not intervention must be provided;
  8. for each test required for graduation, the date passed must be recorded on the student's transcript;

    No information shall be on the student's transcript for a test not passed. 


When a student who has taken State-mandated tests in one (1) school leaves that school to enroll in another school, the school previously attended shall provide, immediately upon request by a school official from the enrolling school, all applicable records set forth above.


For each student required to be offered intervention services, the Board shall involve the student's parent or guardian and classroom teacher in developing the intervention strategy, and shall offer to the parent or guardian the opportunity to be involved in the intervention services.


During the school year following the year in which the tests prescribed by R.C. 3301.0710(A)(1) are administered to any student, the Board shall provide appropriate intervention services, commensurate with the student's test performance, including any intensive prevention, intervention, or remediation required under R.C. 3301.0711, 3301.0715, 3313.608 or R.C. 3313.6012, in any skill in which the student failed to demonstrate at least a score of proficient level on an achievement test.


Except as authorized by State law, the Board shall not use any student's failure to attain a specified score on any State-mandated test as a factor in any decision to deny the student promotion to a higher grade level.


All identified students with disabilities in the School District shall be considered for participation in the State-mandated testing. The extent of the student's participation shall be determined by the IEP Team. Accordingly, the student's IEP shall require that s/he take:


  1. the required assessments in the same manner as other students;
  2. the required assessments with accommodations appropriate for his/her disability; or
  3. an alternate assessment that has been approved by the State Department of Education. 


To the extent possible, and in accordance with law, a student with disabilities shall not be excused from taking a required assessment unless no reasonable accommodation can be made to enable the student to take the assessment.


The Superintendent shall implement administrative guidelines that comply with the State Department's regulations with regard to the administration of the State-mandated tests, including the reporting of results.


Program evaluations will be reviewed and updated every five (5) years. A schedule for such will be developed and implemented by the Superintendent.


After July 1, 2017, no student will spend more than two percent (2%) of the school year taking state assessments, including the Ohio graduation tests, college and work-ready assessment systems and any District-wide assessment for all students in a specified subject area or grade level. Students will not spend more than one percent (1%) of the school year on diagnostic or practice assessments to prepare for the above assessments.  Students with disabilities are exempt from this requirement, as are related diagnostic assessments for students who failed the English language arts achievement assessment, substitute examinations, or examinations to identify a gifted student. 


This policy shall be reviewed and updated annually.


See Policy 2623.02 - Third Grade Reading Guarantee


Revised 2/26/01

Revised 10/22/01

Revised 3/23/06

Revised 3/23/09

Revised 5/20/13


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