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Family Sessions for Grades 7-12
February 11, 2020
5:00 - 7:30 p.m.

Winton Woods Intermediate School

Winton Woods High School is looking forward to hosting the district’s annual Family University for families with students in grades 7-12 on Tuesday, February 11. This event is designed to provide parents, guardians, community members, and anyone who has an important role in the lives of our scholars with helpful resources to support them. “At Winton Woods City Schools, our goal is to set our students up for success and that includes our parents,” said Community Engagement Coordinator Corina Denny. “We welcome and encourage our parents to be a part of our students' academic experience.”  

This mini-conference will include 30-minute informational sessions such as “College Credit Plus”, “College Financial Aid”, and “Graduation Requirements” that are geared towards educating attendees through a variety of training and resources. In addition to Family University, the high school will also be hosting parent-teacher conferences, a college career fair, an art show, and a student project exhibition. The event will take place at the high school’s media center from 5:00-7:30 p.m. A full conference schedule can be found at 



5:00 pm

College Credit Plus (CCP) (25 minutes)                                                                                            

Learn what CCP is and how your student can begin to earn college credits as early as eighth grade.

5:00 pm

English As A Second Language (ESL) (55 minutes)                                         Location: Learning Lab 2
Presented by: Gary Giblin, ESL Coordinator and Lisa Giblin, Language Teacher

Our ESL program is based on the Ohio English Language Proficiency standards and serves all grades. Each school has at least two ESL instructors, and in some cases even more. Teachers use the Keystone/Cornerstone series to teach basic English to newcomers as well as advanced English to those students who are nearly proficient. In addition, classroom teachers are guided on how to adapt their curricula to the needs of English Learners in every grade.


5:30 pm

Graduation Requirements                                                                                Location: Main Library

Presented by:  Amber Strawser, Winton Woods High School Assistant Principal


Parents will receive an overview of the graduation requirements for their high school student.

5:30 pm

Tech Goes Home for 7th Grade (25 min)                                                         Location: Learning Lab 1
Presented by: Rhonda Hobbs, Director of Technology and Doug Sanker, Winton Woods Middle School Principal


Seventh-grade parents will learn more about the process and expectations for our Tech Goes Home program.


6:00 pm

8th Grade Transition (25 minutes)                                                                    Location: Main Library
Presented by: Brad Tash and Kim Goins, High School Guidance Counselors

Eighth-grade parents will learn more about the transition from middle school to high school.


6:00 pm

College Financial Aid (25 minutes)                                                                    Location: Learning Lab 1
Presented by: Diana Irving, UC Blue Ash Office of Financial Aid

Learn the A, B, Cs of college financial aid from an expert.


6:30 pm

Project-Based Learning and ECHO (25 minutes)                                              Location: Learning Lab 1
Presented by: Natombi Simpson and Brennan Graham, Project-Based Learning Coaches


What is project-based learning? What did you learn today? Nothing? Sound like a familiar conversation at home? Learn for yourself how to see the content and lessons your child has on their agenda for the day, as well as when homework, tests, quizzes and projects are due. Don’t be surprised when the report card comes home. Know your child’s grades before they become final on the report card.

6:30 pm

STEM for Parents: Your Questions Answered (25 minutes)                               Location: Learning Lab 2

Presented by: Dr. Tamra Ragland, Director of Teaching and Learning (Gr. 7-12) and Brad Cininowasielewski, Science Teacher


This session will discuss and support various ways parents can strengthen and support their child and guide them through educational decisions related to 7-12 STEM preparation and career choice.


7:00 pm

NCAA Initial Eligibility (25 minutes)                                                                      Location: Media Center

Presented by: Brad Corbin, Miami University Athletic Compliance Office


Is your child a potential college athlete? Learn NOW what he/she must do academically to be eligible to participate In NCAA Athletics.