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Rates effective on August 29, 2023

North Campus

  • Auditorium $180/hr
  • Auditorium Supervisor $50/hr
  • Auditorium Crew Member $25/hr
  • Band Room $55/hr
  • Baseball Field $85/hr
  • Distributed Dining Area $50/hr
  • Gym $75/hr
  • High School Arena $100/hr
  • Media Center $60/hr
  • Middle School Gym $75/hr
  • Project Lab/ Science Lab $70/hr
  • Seminar Room or Collaboration Zone $60/hr
  • Stadium $120/hr
  • Stadium with Lights $145/hr
  • Stadium Contest Management Fee $35/hr
  • Studio/Classroom $40/hr
  • Concession Stand $20/hr

South Campus

  • Distributed Dining Area $50/hr
  • Gym $50/hr
  • Enclosed Gym $75/hr
  • Media Center or Learning Stairs $60/hr
  • Open Gym $75/hr
  • Project Lab/ Science Lab $70/hr
  • Studio/Classroom $40/hr

ECCC/Community Bldg

  • Cafeteria $40/hr
  • Classroom $40/hr
  • Gymnatorium/CafeGymnatorium $50/hr
  • Gym $75/hr
  • Kindergarten Classroom/ Family Extended Learning Area (ELA) $40/hr
  • Kitchen $65/hr
  • Large Motor Skills Room/ Cafeteria $45/hr
  • Media Center $60/hr
  • Preschool Classroom $45/hr


1) All weekend rentals must be for a minimum of two & a half (2.5) hours.

2) When a custodian is not on duty and must be assigned, a charge of $45/hour will be assessed.

3) *When renting a school kitchen and/or food service equipment, a food service worker must be present at a charge of $35/hour.

4) The rental of the Stadium includes the use of restrooms and the set-up of the field.

5) The Contest Management fee includes press box access, scoreboard & sound system use.  NOTE: The Scoreboard Message Center will not be available.

6) With Stadium Rental, Renter is responsible for ticket sellers/takers, police security, on-site ambulance & EMT, scoreboard operators & announcer (both with Contest Manager purchase only ).

7) NOTE: The Concession stand may not be available - WW Boosters have the right of first refusal.

8) For events with more than 100 people in attendance, a police officer will be required to be present at $50/hour to $65/hour: an additional officer will be required for each additional 150 people present: please contact the Business Office for details at (513) 619-2400.