The purpose of the AGS Mentoring Program is to have students connect with an adult from the local community. Mentors have career experience and knowledge of how the professional world works. Mentors can assist students in understanding the importance of college and the college process. As mentors, these adults encourage our students to reach their personal goals. Mentors may also prove to be an initial network link for future job opportunities and internships.
  Many AGS mentors come from employers who serve on the Academy of Global Studies Business Advisory Council. Some are graduates of Winton Woods. Some companies and organizations represented are: Procter & Gamble; Cincinnati Financial; United States Marine Corps; Forest Chapel Church; Northrup Grumman; Cincinnati Bell; Messiah Lutheran Church; Forest Park Fire Department.
  All mentors have had a background check, have participated in a training session with Kevin Jones, and have a Winton Woods issued photo ID.

  All AGS students will meet with their mentors every two weeks during their Global Seminar class (7-8 am). Mentor sessions last for approximately one hour.

  All mentor meetings occur on Fridays.