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Please send a copy of the proposed flyer to:
Courtney Wilson
825 Waycross Road, Suite A
Cincinnati, OH  45240

  • Advertisements must be of benefit to Winton Woods City School students, parents, staff or the community as opposed to purely for profit (e.g. neighborhood sports teams, tutoring, scouting, extracurricular learning opportunities).
  • Advertisements may not endorse, promote or support any religious or political point of view or activity.
  • Advertisements must make clear to the reader that the activity/opportunity is not District sponsored. Accordingly, ads may not use the District logo, name or likeness to promote a non-school activity/opportunity.
  • Due to the costs associated with printing, the District does not make copies for any outside groups. Therefore, sponsors must provide copies pre-sorted in stacks of 30 to the building(s) of choice. 
  • All requests for flyer approval should include the name, phone number and e-mail address of a primary contact to communicate approval.
  • Notification of approval will be e-mailed to specified contact person unless another form of communication is requested.
  • Please provide at least one week lead time/notice of date by which any flyer needs to be distributed.
  • All materials require the following disclaimer: “This material was prepared by (name of organization) and is not sponsored or endorsed by Winton Woods City Schools or any Winton Woods school.” Note: Neither this statement nor this form is required for flyers that promote programs hosted by official school or school support groups.