School Schedule Adjustment: Asynchronous Learning
Starts 1/10/2022 Ends 1/14/2022
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Updated: January 7, 2022 @ 3:00 p.m.

Dear Parents and Staff:

After several days of monitoring our district’s attendance of staff and students, the decision to close school is evident. The omicron variant is affecting the staff/student ratio to the degree that it is placing an overabundance of students with a limited amount of staff to provide effective instructional strategies.

We were hoping that the numbers would change after winter break, but unfortunately we could not avoid this untimely shutdown. Many staff members as well as students are reporting mild symptoms. However, the CDC guidelines does stress the importance of staying home in the event you have symptoms related to COVID, and people with symptoms must be quarantined for a minimum of five days. This is taking a toll on the school district and must be addressed by closing temporarily.

I do know for many families this may be an extra burden. However, it is critical that we make tough decisions now in order to be more productive in the future. 

Staff will work remotely, beginning on January 10th to January 14th. Staff will return in person on Tuesday, January 18th, the day after the Martin Luther King official holiday.

Beginning January 10th, students will be engaged academically following the asynchronous education plan of action. Beginning the week of January 18th, all students will be following the synchronous plan. 

Beginning on Monday, January 10th, schools will be closed for students and they will return to school in person on Monday, January 24.

Beginning January 10th, all athletic competitions will be held without fan attendance in an attempt to stop the spread of this disruptive virus. Thank you for your patience and understanding as we work tirelessly to provide your student with a quality education.

Anthony G. SmithSuperintendent