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What is Payschools Central? PaySchools Central is a central hub for all parent payment activities. To manage school lunches, fees, and activities, parents log in to PaySchools Central online and pay with a link to their bank account or a credit or debit card. This system replaced “EZPay”, which was previously used by the district and parents.

How to locate Payschools Central Page

Registration Instructions

Step 1: Select “Register” on the Payschool Central Webpage and fill out information as requested. District name: Winton Woods CSD

Step 2: Next you will be asked to add payment information (credit/debit cards, or ACH Check from account are accepted).

Step 3: Proceed to the homepage of Payschools. Your child’s picture and name should appear in the center of page after registration.

Step 4: Click on the bottom “all fees” link to see all of your child’s fees. This option should be under your child’s picture.

To pay a specific fee click on the cart (You can enter a specific amount to be paid.  You do not have to pay the full amount)

Step 5: Select “add fees to cart”, once you’ve selected all fees to be paid

Step 6: Click on the cart at the top (right corner) of the screen, there will a tab at the bottom labeled “checkout”.

Step 7: Select the payment method and click submit. A confirmation page will appear showing your detailed transaction (this page is printable), You will also receive a confirmation email.

Additional notes:

  1. The Payschools link can also be accessed through the Free Lunch Tab
  2. The Payschools Central page is also available under the Families tab on the upper right hand of the page. It is listed under quick links on the left-hand side once you are in the families tab.
  3. You may add additional child(ren) to your account for fee payments. Refer to Step 1.
  4. There is also a navigation bar to the right of the screen that provides payment history, your profile information and payment methods and a host of other options for your convenience. 



Ohio law requires that parents call their school attendance line on the morning of the student absence. If a call is not placed before 9:45 a.m., it may result in an automated call inquiring about your child’s absence.For your convenience, please find the individual school attendance lines: 

Upon return to school, please submit a note indication one of the excused reasons (below) with a parent or guardian signature. Parents are allotted six parent notes per semester to excuse your child’s absence for illness or medical appointments. A note from a physician will be required beginning with the seventh day of absence due to illness or medical appointments. 

Winton Woods High School @ North Campus
Winton Woods Middle School @ North Campus
Winton Woods Intermediate School @ South Campus
Winton Woods Elementary School @ South Campus
Winton Woods Primary @ South Campus
Winton Woods Early Childhood Central Campus
Winton Woods Alternative Education Programs 513.619.2424 513.619.2389


We want all our students to achieve their highest potential.  One essential ingredient to accomplish this is your student’s attendance.  Attendance is vital in helping your student have a positive and successful school experience.

Here at Winton Woods City Schools we have instituted the following ways to help you monitor your students’ attendance:

  1. Progress Book – Parents can always log on to or interactive program and receive up to date information concerning their students’ attendance.
  2. One Call – Student who have not reported to school or we have not receive notification from parent for the student absence by 9:45 am will receive a call from our automatic phone system.
  3. Personal Calls – Students who have reached 6 days of unexcused absence will receive a personal call from their school building staff.
  4. Attendance Letters- Parents will receive written warning for students who have accumulated 5, 7, or 10 days of unexcused absences.

The premise is simple: Students need to attend school daily to succeed.  But you may be wondering what is considered an excused absence.


Students will be granted an excused absence for the following:

(1) Personal illness
(2) Illness in the family
(3) Quarantine in the home
(4) Death of a relative
(5) Observance of a religious holiday
(6) Any other reason which has been approved by the school prior to the absence.


Winton Woods City Schools defines tardiness as arriving late to school or to class without an acceptable reason. You don’t want these to add up, because:

  • Every FIVE times a student is tardy is equal to ONE day of unexcused absences; and
  • Excessive number of tardies may result in a proof of residency check. Students who are open-enrolled are still expected to be in school every day and on time.

EXCESSIVE ABSENCES                                                                       

Please monitor your student’s attendance. Too many unexcused absences & tardiness may lead to a Hamilton County Unofficial & Official Court Charge!


HOUSE Bill 410

With the passage of House Bill 410, school districts across Ohio are required to revise their truancy policy this school year. The intent of this letter is to inform you of revisions to the Winton Woods City Schools attendance policy, as required by the state.

Under the new policy, there are three classifications of truancy:

  1. Habitual Truant:
    1. Absent for 30 or more consecutive hours without legitimate excuses (one week of school)
    2. Absent for 42 or more hours in one school month without legitimate excuses (seven days in one month)
    3. Absent 72 or more hours in one school year without legitimate excuses (12 days in one school year)
  2. Excessively Absent:
    1. Absent 38 or more hours in one school month with or without legitimate excuses
    2. Absent 65 or more hours in one school year with or without legitimate excuses
  3. Chronic Absenteeism:
    1. Absent 92 or more hours in one school year with or without legitimate excuses

Changes to the policy include the removal of "excessive truancy" from zero tolerance policies. Also, suspensions and expulsions will no longer be a discipline step for truancy-related offenses. Instead, school officials must work with the student and parents to develop an action plan with clearly defined steps to improve attendance and avoid a court referral due to absences.

If your child should fall into one of these classifications, you will be notified in writing within seven days of the triggering absence. Also, an absence intervention team must be created for "habitually truant" students to develop a plan for minimizing absenteeism.

In addition, House Bill 410 requires that schools report to the State when a child has been habitually truant, excessively absent, an absence intervention plan has been implemented for a child, or when a child, who has been adjudicated an unruly child for being a habitual truant, violates the court order regarding that adjudication. At this time, the State has not communicated how this data will be used. 

Under this new policy, we cannot reiterate enough that every hour in school counts. We still believe in the importance of your child being present to have the best possible educational experience and will continue to work with our families when personal circumstances make this difficult.

If you would like more about the mandate by Ohio through House Bill 410, a link can be found here.