Winton Woods Scholars Honor Influential Teachers

Influential Teachers and Scholars

Fourteen teachers were honored this year as the most influential in the lives of Winton Woods City Schools’ 2017 Honor Diploma Scholars. These teachers were chosen by the seniors and recognized for the impact they had in the classroom and as mentors and as friends.


Winton Woods City Schools’ 2017 Influential Teachers were:

  • Josh Amstutz - chosen by Ashley Lewis, Laura Onianwa, Karen Sanchez  
  • Dani Ashbrook - chosen by Jasmine Smith
  • James Breyer - chosen by Nicholas Behrendt, Elliot Wolke
  • Brad Ciminowasielewski – chosen by Je’Leah Brown, Aniya Madaris, Brianna Richard
  • Daniela Gutierrez – chosen by Sayra Gutierrez
  • Brad Lanier – chosen by Andie Lariccia, Kira Stiggers
  • Felipe Morales-Torres – chosen by Christyana Bolls, Celeste Hackmann
  • Katie Morelock Power  – chosen by Noah Smith 
  • Carla Roller – chosen by Jaeydah Edwards
  • Natombi Simpson – chosen by Imaiyia Scott
  • Myrtis Smith – chosen by William Simpson, Asa Vines
  • Cheryl Schnell – chosen by Grace Kent
  • Vickie Stuckey – chosen by Shelby McKinney
  • James Williams – chosen by Diamond Goodson


PHOTO CAPTION: Winton Woods High School’s Honors Diploma Scholars are shown with their Influential Teachers. Photo by Alex Taylor.  

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