WWCS Introduces New Academic Technology Learning Program to District

students in the classroom


Winton Woods City Schools is excited to introduce a new academic technology learning program called Newsela to its classrooms. The online platform is another excellent resource that will enhance students' academic learning experience. The program offers various articles at different reading levels that are engaging, current, and accessible to every student. Winton Woods Executive Director of Teaching and Learning for Grades K-6 Dr. Adrienne Martin says it has great resources and will be an amazing asset for their teachers and students. “Students will have additional opportunities to engage in challenging text-based articles that relate to the real world and feature diverse perspectives. Newsela aligns perfectly to project-based learning.”


Several principals in the district mentioned they look forward to using the program for project and problem-based learning projects and the feature that allows users to adjust the reading level. This will enable students from elementary to high school to read the same articles. The platform provides articles at five different reading levels. Some of the features include a browse and search engine of the entire library online and offline and constant updates of current and relevant news and articles. Teachers can view individual students' performance - their reading level, time spent on an article, and progress. If needed, teachers can also adjust a student's reading level. The students are also able to identify their reading level and see their progress. All articles are vetted, which ensures all information students are consuming is true. Winton Woods Middle School Principal Adib Dixon said the middle school had been using the software for over six years but will now have access to more features and resources. The district will have access to the entire suite, including language arts, social studies, science, and social-emotional learning (SEL) activities. Winton Woods High School Principal Eric Martin said, "We needed a program that captured our students' academic experience to provide the most incredible academic opportunity for them. We believe Newsela is the software of the future.



PHOTO CAPTION: Winton Woods City Schools students in the classroom on the first day of school. Photo by Drew Jackson.

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