Three Winton Woods Seniors To Graduate with Associate Degrees

Associate's Degree

Three exceptionally hard-working Winton Woods High School students will be collecting more than a high school diploma on May 20. This incredible trio consists of Mya Jackson, Renaud Noubieptie Kamgang, and Nicolantonio Prentosito. They have much to be proud of. The trio has attained a challenging academic achievement by earning enough college credits to obtain an associate’s degree. 


While some were inspired to pursue this goal from watching friends, others saw it as an opportunity to get a first-hand experience of college. “I saw a friend working on his associate’s degree while in high school, and I thought I can do that too,” said Noubieptie Kamgang. Prentosito encouraged students to take advantage of this opportunity. “It is the next step in better preparing for college,” said Prentosito, who became Miami University’s youngest student as an 11-year-old in the eighth grade. “This responsibility is up to you.” 


The students mentioned how taking college courses influenced their decision when selecting their major. After taking a sociology class, Mya was so intrigued with the study of human behavior that she decided to major in sociology. “I’m looking forward to learning why people react the way they do.” Advice she would give to students is to “see if you can start taking the courses earlier, even as early as 8th grade. Get as many credits as you can and work at a pace you can handle. College work is different. It takes time,” said Jackson. Prentosito plans to double major in social justice and computer science. “I took Introduction to the Criminal Justice System and Law and the Courts, and the courses were both very interesting. I enjoyed the topics and the robust conversations. Becoming totally immersed in the classes really helped me select the field of law as a future endeavor.” When asked how Prentosito balanced his school workload, extracurriculars and life, he said, “I go to the class, pay attention, complete the homework with fidelity, and participate in extracurriculars. One thing that I can attest to is that a planner is extremely helpful. It keeps you on track to know when assignments are due.” Prentosito is a National Merit Scholar and plans to become a great lawyer. 


“It feels good to almost be done,” said Kamgang who started taking college courses in 2019 as a junior. “At first, I thought it was impossible, then I put my mind to it. Then, I saw my friend complete courses, and I thought I can do this, too. I’m ambitious.” Kamgang plans to become a philanthropist. “We need each other to survive. I am who I am because of you. Life is about everyone in the world. We cannot keep moving forward while leaving others behind.” Noubieptie plans to double major in computer science and physics with a minor in international affairs. Advice he would give students is “if you want to accomplish a goal, figure out how you’re going to get there and focus.”


Winton Woods City Schools is extremely proud of these students and congratulates them on their success, not only as scholars, but individuals who have grown, persevered, and overcome challenges while becoming future global leaders. “We are a district that looks forward to awarding students who work hard in the classroom,” said Superintendent Anthony G. Smith. “Congratulations to the talented trio, Mya Jackson, Renaud Noubieptie Kamgang, and Nicolantonio Prentosito. You are truly ambassadors for Winton Woods City Schools. We look forward to having more students earn associate's degrees in the near future.”


PHOTO CAPTION: Shown from left to right is Nicolantonio Prentosito, Mya Jackson, and Renaud Noubieptie Kamgang. Photos by Drew Jackson.

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