WWHS Allahnah Dedrick Selected as Kiwanis Student of the Month


Winton Woods High School Counselor Brad Tash says Allahnah Dedrick was selected as the Kiwanis Student of the Month award because, in his words, “Well, she is awesome.” The ninth grade student has accomplished a lot since her short time at the high school, including receiving no grades lower than an A. Her demanding schedule includes a full list of honors courses.


Tash says she is a leader and a reliable student her peers look up to. “In class, she is frequently chosen to be group leader for projects because of her desire to get tasks done and the authoritative way she persuades others to do the same.  Allahnah is among the first to jump in and help a fellow student who is struggling with a concept. She is almost like a second teacher in the classroom.


“Outside of her coursework Allahnah is very active as well.  She is a member of both our cheer and mock trial teams.  Part of what makes Allahnah so driven is that she already knows exactly what she wants to do with her life - become a lawyer.  She was selected to be part of a prestigious program called the Law and Leadership Institute at the University of Cincinnati (UC) Law School. During her summer in July, she traveled to UC to get prepared for the next chapter of her life.  The sky is the limit for this young lady. 


“Allahnah Dedrick deserves this honor of Student of the Month because she is an outstanding young lady both in her actions and in her demeanor.  It is students like Allahnah who make me proud to be a Warrior!”


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