Winton Woods Makayla Adams is the Skyline Student Athlete of the Month



In March, the Winton Woods City Schools Board of Education postponed student award recognitions at its monthly meetings due to the pandemic. However, that did not stop the district from acknowledging its recipients of those awards for their academic excellence. Winton Woods Class of 2020 graduate and March Skyline Student Athlete of the Month Makayla Adams was one such student who was honored at the November board meeting. She was hailed as a team player who enjoyed great success on the bowling, cheerleading and softball teams - all sports to which she brought positive impact and impeccable skills - while maintaining a 3.6 grade point average. Softball coach Dennis Hogel characterized her as a positive influence to the younger players. He said that as a third year varsity player, Makayla dedicated her precious time to work with them so they would understand what it takes to play at the varsity level. “She led the team with a .513 OBA (on base average) and was second in batting average with .410. As a leadoff hitter last season, she learned to be an effective slapper - a unique hitter that puts pressure on defense.” 


According to her bowling coach, Makayla Adams was also a great bowler. Coach Robin Stephens says she had a 183 average this year with a high game of 244 and high series of 432. “She has been in Varsity all four years and made it to district three years.”


Furthermore, her cheer coach Tenesha Bennett says it has been a pleasure to coach Makayla since her sophomore year. “She has exhibited strong leadership skills and has become an advocate for her peers in cheerleading. She goes that extra mile without hesitation. She has always made her academics a top priority. I am truly filled with joy to see her blossom into the young lady that she has become. I know she is going to put her best foot forward, dominate, and succeed after graduation just as she always has.”


 To be nominated for the Skyline Student Athlete of the Month, students must: 

  • Maintain an academic standard of 3.0 GPA or above in the previous quarter

  • Show respect for coaches, teammates, officials, teachers, other students and family

  • Show enthusiasm and a positive attitude

  • Display commitment to practice, games and personal skill development

  • Demonstrate honesty and playing by the rules

  • Have high moral character. 


The Skyline Student Athlete of the Month Award is sponsored by the Forest Park Skyline Chili restaurant, a business partner of Winton Woods City Schools. Student athletes honored receive a Skyline Chili gift card.

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