Franck Djidjeu Selected for College Board Award  



It was no surprise to Warrior staff and teachers when Winton Woods High School senior Franck Djidjeu was selected as a recipient of the College Board’s National African American Recognition Program, a prestigious and nationally recognized organization that awards students from around the country for their academic achievements and excellence on their PSAT scores. Brad Tash, Djidjeu’s guidance counselor for the past three years, says he is one of the best individuals he has encountered in his 20 years working in education. “I have rarely come across a student as hard-working, personable, and focused as Franck. While no one is perfect, Franck has come about as close as anyone can to perfection. His teachers cannot speak highly enough about him, and he is extremely liked by his peers. Not to mention, his end-of-year academic awards are too numerous to mention.” 


Throughout Djidjeu’s high school career, he has not earned a grade lower than an A. His schedule of six classes includes three college courses at Cincinnati State College, and his involvement in extracurricular activities has shown his ability to balance a workload as well as other hobbies he enjoys. He was a member of the  varsity football team and before COVID was involved in student council, international club, and a medical program called TAP MD that supports students pursuing the medical field. When asked what inspires him, he said his parents do. “Seeing my parents make so much out of so little is what inspires me. If they could do it with the slim opportunity they had, I can do so much more and am capable of doing whatever I set my mind to.” Djidjeu’s parents moved him and his two younger siblings to North America from Cameroon in 2008. “I have always had this mentality that I am not going to sell myself short, and I am always going to be the best I can.” Djidjeu plans to be a doctor. If he could give any advice to fellow Warriors, it would be to take high school seriously but enjoy it. “The mindset you come into high school with is going to set you up to succeed. If you start with a good mindset, determination and a set goal of what you want to accomplish, it is going to be a lot easier to build a habit and become accustomed to excelling in school.” 

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