New Tech Network Testimonials

Warrior Students
“NTN is a different style of learning that pushes students to go above and beyond inside and outside of the classroom. I’ve personally benefited from the NTN way of learning because it’s shown me how to take my understanding of classroom learning and apply it to the real world. Having the ability to communicate ideas is key in this globally changing world that we live in.”
– Simon Asem, Class of 2016

"The New Tech program has not only improved my communication with people but also my presentation skills. It's great to be able to go to different events and not be nervous about presenting in front of people. It also has taught me project-based learning, which is a tool that will help me with my future college career."
- MaKayla Boyd, Class of 2016
“I’m in my fourth year of a NTN experience and I believe the agency pillar makes the biggest difference for me.  It gives me ownership over my own learning and confidence to embark on my college and my career path.  NTN has prepared me for my future and I know that I will succeed.”
- Jorden Denny, Class of 2016
“This is my second year being in NTN. I love this program because it not only opens up the connections between the real world and the content but it also helps the students connect and engage in what we are learning. This program has changed the way I look at learning in school. This program has opened up new horizons but you don’t know those horizons are closed until you have opened them up. There are doors that you never knew were there until you go through the program and see that they are there and ready to be opened. This program is the true definition that the sky is the limit."
~ Kenneth Greer, Class of 2018
“NTN opens the door to learning on another level. I not only understand the academic content better but I can apply it to real-world issues.  Coming from a traditional classroom two years ago, I have finally found more purpose and a bigger meaning for my high school experience." 
~ Alexandria Denny, Class of 2018
"Project-based learning challenges me in ways that I never thought of before. School has always been an easy ride for me but now it feels like more of a challenge, it feels like I have to work harder than I usually would. PBL pushes me to step out of my little box and expand my horizons to the world around me. Working with different people, communicating with confidence and intelligence, and showing my knowledge in the finest way possible has all been thanks to project-based learning. I can honestly say I am a better student academically because of it."
~Payton Mack, Class or 2017 

“This is my third year in NTN. I love this program because every year I learn something new that opens the door to learn on another level while finding out what is going on in the world. In these three years, I discovered a lot of things that will help me in college.”
~Jocelyn Vargas, Class of 2016


Warrior Staff
"Moving our high school into a project-based environment and providing technology to the students has given them new opportunities that they have not had in the past. The students are more engaged in their work and are taking more ownership for their learning, both as a part of the class and a part of their collaborative groups.  When attending a basketball game where our girls were competing with a rival school, I was excited to see our freshmen and junior varsity girls sitting in the hallway doing school work on their ChromeBooks during halftime. I applauded their efforts in the hallway and then observed the girls continue with their schoolwork while sitting in the stands for the remainder of the game."
~ Amber Strawser, Winton Woods High School Assistant Principal
"NTN has changed the way students are engaged and enriched in the science classroom. This way of learning challenges students to go above and beyond with real world application and understanding of even the most complex content!" 
~ Bradney Ciminowasielewski, Winton Woods High School Science Teacher
“Project-based learning has completely transformed my idea of what students are supposed to learn in school. Prior to PBL, content was the deciding factor of whether or not students were ready for the next level. PBL has allowed me to realize that content is one piece in a very large puzzle that determines a student’s success. It has allowed me to instruct my students in how to utilize technology, communication skills, critical thinking, and global connections to give meaning to the content in order to help them become global citizens.”  
~ Josh Amstutz, Mathematics Teacher, AGS Facilitator, Newtech Trainer
"Having been a teacher for 17 years I will have to say that transitioning to NTN and PBL has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my professional career. Seeing students engaged and taking a more active role in their education has been refreshing to see. Some of the projects students create using this model really blow my mind." 
~ Jeremy Rogers, Winton Woods High School AP Government Facilitator

"I was blown away last year when I was assigned to teach the first class of AGS seniors who were starting their fourth year in PBL. Their presentation skills reminded me of what I saw when I worked in corporate America. What is even more outstanding is that each student embodied confidence and expressed a passion for the topic at hand. I could just relax and learn from my students."
~ Allison Roy, Winton Woods High School English Language Arts Teacher
"This is my second year in the Academy of Global Studies using the PBL teaching method and I will NEVER go back to traditional teaching ever again.  Not only have my students grown as independent learners, I have grown as a teacher.  I feel much more like a facilitator of knowledge guiding my students to find the answers to their questions rather than a boring lecturer who just gives them the facts."
~ Mimi Albers, Winton Woods High School English Language Arts Teacher
"Students learn better when given the opportunity to interact with and experience the learning. If you ask students what they like most about school, they will tell you about a really great Science experiment, making a PSA or some other sort of video, an arts project, or something else that places them in the learning. That is because these are examples of students making their own meaning. Project based learning engages the students and makes content relevant."
~ Andrew Lock, Winton Woods High School Social Studies Teacher
"Outcomes are evident by supporting our students to become self-starters, who are motivates to chart their own course, not sail wherever the wind blows them.  They will take ownership for their learning and become better for it."
~ Dr. Tamra Ragland, Winton Woods City Schools Math and Science Curriculum Specialist