Warrior Experts for Student Projects

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Experts for Student Projects:  Real-World Learning


We believe that real-world learning is critical for students to be prepared for the careers

of today and tomorrow. To support this belief, we are taking two of our district’s most valuable assets—

our students and our community stakeholders—and partnering them in a program that we call Warrior Experts.

To help make these connections, we have developed a database of partners

from all walks of life, who are passionate about their field or subject matter

and who are willing to share their expertise with our students. We would like to add your name to our list,

which will be available to all teachers in the district.

Being a Warrior Expert is easy!


Here are some of the ways our teachers might ask you to participate. They may ask you to:

·        Leverage your network to find resources for specific project requests.

·        Sit on an expert panel for student presentations.

·        Visit the classroom as a subject matter expert for in-depth discussions with students in the midst of the research phase of their project.

·        Provide valuable feedback to teams as they develop their project deliverables.

·        Design an authentic project with a teacher and a Project-Based Learning coach.


For more information, contact Corina Denny at 513.619.2304.


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