Academy of Global Studies Mentors

Last Updated: 5/22/2020 6:56 PM

Academy of Global Studies Students Mentor Program
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Winton Woods High School is looking for individuals to serve as mentors to students in Academy of Global Studies (AGS). Mentors are needed twice monthly from 7:00-7:50 a.m. at the high school.  This is a great opportunity to connect to the young people of our community and help them learn and grow as they complete their first year of high school. An overview of the AGS Mentoring program is shared in detail below. Please contact Ms. Crenshaw to confirm your participation or learn more about this mentoring opportunity at

The healthy relationships formed between our mentors and mentees are both immediate and long-term and contribute to a host of benefits for mentors and mentees. We hope to keep this program alive and thriving, with the help of our business partners. If you have any questions, comments or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact Ms. Crenshaw.


Mentoring is an important component of AGS and will help ensure the success of this program. The process often starts small with informal meetings and the establishment of professional and personal goals. These meetings will grow and develop into classroom observations and conferences. The purpose is not to overwhelm teachers, but to allow facilitators to understand the level of support they have here at AGS. We will not allow a teacher to fail.


Mentoring is the process by which an experienced person provides advice, support, and encouragement to a less experienced person. Every experienced facilitator at AGS is a mentor simply because he or she leads through guidance and example. Kids can also learn mentoring skills and will be applying these skills in our Advisory course.

The Concept

The mentors and mentees are equal and become united through a partnership. Each works collaboratively toward a mutual and beneficial goal. A mentor’s goal should be to actively share his/her knowledge and experiences with the team to help foster intellectual growth. Provide students with opportunities to make choices, both good and bad.

Effective Mentor Goals and Objectives

An effective mentor demonstrates the value of success he or she has encountered during his/her career path and uses these skills and successes to share knowledge and values with colleagues. A successful mentoring program shows mentors/coaches helping each other discover ways of adapting instruction to reach every participant on the team. Successful mentoring can help optimize everyone’s learning experiences by:

• Allowing and encouraging independent thought

• Opening communication within the team

• Fostering a reciprocal foundation of trust and respect

• Encouraging effective facilitation

• Promoting independent thought

• Developing roles within the team

Thank you for considering to mentor our scholars. Please contact Ms. Crenshaw to confirm your participation or learn more about this mentoring opportunity at