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January 27, 2021


“Small changes and small steps can create massive impact.” — Melissa McCreary




Important Message from Superintendent Anthony G. Smith:

Dear Winton Woods Community:

As of Thursday, January 21, Hamilton County remains in purple by the Ohio Public Alert System. Therefore, Winton Woods City Schools will continue in a blended learning model (Phase III), instead of transitioning to Phase IV. At this time we will not be transitioning to Phase IV. As a reminder, full school is in-person learning. This was originally scheduled for February 9. We will send regular updates when/if we are ready to transition to Phase IV.

As a reminder, the following is the weekly schedule for blended learning:

  • In-person learning for Warrior Blue students every Monday and Tuesday
  • In-person learning for Warrior Green students every Thursday and Friday
  • Virtual learning for all students every Wednesday

It is no easy task to balance pandemic health and safety concerns with what we are responsible to do as educators to ensure all students achieve their highest potential. As we work diligently to move forward, the Hamilton County data and the vaccine roll-out will play a critical role in our decision-making. Our students and staff have done an incredible job implementing and complying with all health and safety protocols. Therefore, we are able to continue in a blended model (Phase III) while Hamilton County remains in purple status. I am pleased to announce that the CDC believes that the vaccines are showing a significant reduction in mitigating the spread of COVID-19.

As always, thank you for your continued support as we prioritize the safety of all students and staff. Please encourage your child to do their very best on all assignments, virtual and in-person. If you have any questions, please contact the Office of the Superintendent.  


Anthony G. Smith




Winton Woods Student Athletes Sign Letters of Intent



Winton Woods City Schools is celebrating the Magnificent Seven. Seven Winton Woods High School student athletes signed letters of intent on Wednesday, December 16, in front of a socially distanced crowd. After a unique year, an exuberant group of family members, coaches, and staff were happy to honor these incredible scholar athletes. At the beginning of the ceremony, each student was announced along with the name of their school and sport as they entered the auditorium. “Although we are in unprecedented times, our students have continued to thrive academically as well as athletically,” said Superintendent Anthony G. Smith. “At Winton Woods, we take pride in celebrating academic excellence as well as encouraging our students to participate in athletics. We are proud to have been part of their journey and wish them the best in all of their future endeavors.” All of our student athletes have maintained at least a 2.5 GPA to participate in sports. 

signingHere is a small synopsis of the Magnificent Seven’s background: Signing a letter of intent for acrobatics and tumbling was Izaria McWhorter-Martin, Fairmont State University. Signing a letter of intent for swimming was Kelsey McMenemy, The University of Rhode Island. Signing letters of intent for football were Daylan Long, University of Miami; Caleb Tubbs, Miami University; and Tamarion Crumpley, The University of Pittsburgh. Signing letters of intent for basketball was LeAsiah Payne, Fisk University; and Sienna Bailey, West Virginia University. Congratulations to our Warrior students on this incredible accomplishment, and we wish you the best of luck at the collegiate level.


PHOTO CAPTION: Winton Woods High School’s student athletes honored at the Athletic Signing Day ceremony were (l-r) Sienna Bailey, LeAsiah Payne, Tamarion Crumpley, Caleb Tubbs, Daylan Long, Izaria McWhorter-Martin, and Kelsey McMenemy. Photo by Drew Jackson.

PHOTO CAPTION: An excited Daylan Long entered the auditorium after hearing his name announced at Winton Woods Athletic Signing Day ceremony. Photo by Drew Jackson.

PHOTO CAPTION: Winton Woods High School student athlete Izaria McWhorter-Martin signing at the Athletic Signing Day ceremony. Photo by Drew Jackson.




Questbridge Scholarship Recipients Full-Ride Scholarships to College

questbridgeThree Winton Woods High School seniors will now be attending four years of college for free. The Questbridge National College Match Scholarship program selected Warrior scholars Faith Augustine, Franck Djidjeu, and Elizabeth Okemmiri for a full-ride scholarship to a college of their choosing. The powerful academic organization connects the nation’s brightest students to the top universities, colleges, and opportunities.“I feel like a weight was taken off my shoulders,” said Okemmiri, who will be attending Northwestern University in the fall of 2021. “I am so glad I do not have to worry about finances and can give all my focus to school.”

 Prior to receiving the scholarship, all of the students preferred to devote 100% of their focus on their academics at college and this scholarship will allow them to do just that. “I was not expecting to receive a scholarship this early in the year.” said Djidjeu, who was matched with Duke University. He plans to study pre-med and one day become a doctor. “They have really great professors and programs,” said Franck. “I also always wanted to go to a school with a lot of school spirit too.” As a Warrior, Franck sees the potential of many students and hopes this will encourage them to use their minds to open doors to greater educational opportunities. “Winton Woods students should not think sports and music are the only way to get to college for free. They should realize there is an opportunity to go through education.” He expressed school should be taken seriously. “Do not go through the motions but try hard. Trying hard starts with a growth mindset. The things you are doing now are setting you up for your future.”

Winton Woods City Schools, a Prek through Grade 12 project-based learning district, challenges students to think critically, learn time management, and collaborate with other students. These are all skills that Elizabeth Okemmiri gained during her time at Winton Woods, she plans to take these Project Based Learning skills with her to Northwestern University next fall. When asked how she has thrived academically over the past four years she said, “I have learned to get a planner each year, organize my assignments in advance, and get help as soon as possible, if needed. I have to put in hard work and study to get good grades.” She plans on studying biomedical engineering and after hopes to attend medical school to become an anesthesiologist. “My advice to Warriors is to focus on your school work and prioritize your education. Grade point average (GPA) is important from the beginning. Take risks and challenge yourself.” Okemmiri began as a freshman with honors courses and then transitioned to college courses her junior year. Now, she only has one course at the high school.

“Nothing amazing or really great can happen when you are in your comfort zone,“ said Faith Augustine, who was matched with the University of Chicago. “I hope to major in political science and study pre-law.” Her biggest motivation and inspiration is her family who wants nothing but the best for her. She received straight A’s through high school but it did not come easy. “I had to work hard,” said Augustine. “I wanted to make my entire family proud.” When asked what lesson she has learned as a Warrior and will take with her, she said consistency. “Once you get in that routine, it is hard to get out of it.” Like the other two students, Augustine feels an immense amount of gratitude to have been given such an amazing opportunity. Winton Woods celebrates Receiving a full-ride scholarship for higher education is one of the district’s priorities for Winton Woods students next to creating opportunities and students reaching their highest potential. The district congratulates these students on their hard work and wishes them the best in all their future endeavors and success. 


PHOTO CAPTION: Winton Woods High School seniors and Questbridge recipients Franck Djidjeu and Faith Augustine with their signs of the schools they matched with and will attend in the fall of 2021. 




Winton Woods' Child Nutrition Department Director Wins WeThrive Award

wethriveWinton Woods City Schools is proud to announce Mark Docter, Director of the Child Nutrition Department, as a WeThrive Champion award winner. The organization recognizes exceptional leaders who put “community wellness in action.” For years, Docter’s efforts have reached beyond cafeteria rooms transforming what meal distribution and accessibility to fresh foods look like for Winton Woods students. On December 3, Docter, along with thirteen other recipients, were honored on a virtual live award ceremony that was streamed on Facebook where family, friends, and staff members tuned in to watch. Docter received the “Champion for Health Equity” award for his hard work and dedication to the health and wellness of his community. “I could not do any of this without them and their belief in me. Everyone in the district has been supportive and working together for a common goal. This is a team effort.” 

For the third consecutive year, the department was selected for the Champion of School Breakfast award by the Ohio School Breakfast Partners, becoming one of only two districts in the state to achieve this “3-peat”. The program recognizes districts for their innovative and collaborative school breakfast practices. “Such an impactful program,” said Mark, who implemented a food cart system with packaged breakfasts for students to grab on their way to class. “We are constantly looking for new innovative ways to become more efficient, as well as creating more meals that students can eat that are out of a bowl and not a wrapper.” The food services team prioritizes creating new items for the lunch menu and meal programs with nutritious and delicious options that students will enjoy. Prior to COVID, all students in elementary grades received fresh fruit like mango slices, apples, and pineapples four days a week. In 2017, the district converted a retired school bus into a mobile “Nutrition is the Mission”meal distribution vehicle that has provided students with lunches six days a week during the summer. In addition, the bus included a mobile library with free books for children to pick as they receive their meal, as well as a wifi hotspot. One thing about Mark Docter is he lives in the present but is always working towards a bigger goal for the future. “Breakfast in the classroom, lunch in the classroom with hot meals like hamburgers, chicken patty sandwiches, and tacos are served from our meal carts,” said Docter. “We are creating food programs that can also be implemented into the two new buildings with distributive dining that allows students to eat at any time.” Along with creating new innovative programs, the team upgrades the menu, creates new meal ideas, and even packages their own fresh frozen fruit cups. 

Docter has a deep connection with his mission and appreciation for what he does daily. “This is more than a job to me, this is my life. Nutrition is the Mission is beyond just filling bellies. It impacts the student’s mind and their spirit. You can not learn on an empty stomach or perform at your best. I have tried it.” Working around the clock, Docter’s passion comes from personal experiences and his hope to ensure every student is provided with healthy nourishing meals year-round. “If we can teach them how good fresh food can taste at a young age, we are hoping it will stick and they will continue through the rest of their lives.”


PHOTO CAPTION: (Shown l-r) Child Nutrition Department Secretary Andrea Tellez, Director Mark Docter, and Assistant to Director Vickie Koeninger with their three Champion of School Breakfast awards. Photo by Drew Jackson.






Winton Woods District Honors Students' Academic Success Roll Students

Winton Woods District students have shown perseverance amidst unique times. They started the school year strong, honed in on their studies and strategically used their time to ensure the best outcome. Their efforts have not been in vain as we acknowledge and congratulate all our Warriors in Grades 3 to 12 who received this academic achievement of being placed on the first quarter honor roll. 


High School



Grade 12: Mark Behrendt, Lillian Bewaji, Isaiah Clay, Maximo DeLa Rosa, Amaya Fox, Ayden Hassertt, Derek Hooten, Elizabeth Mavridoglou, Arriyanna McKinney, Alycia McNeil, Cris Mejia-Sanchez, Victoria Okoh Okai, Jezreel Otchere, Betisha Pokhrel, Wilmaris Rivera Rivera, Terryana Roberts, Lailah Robinson, Michael Stothfang, Mambozo Tchao


Grade 11: Aina Bance, Taylor Cook, Yana Decembre, Wynter Edwards, Lauryn Fowler, Gabrielle Hall, Rafael Hernandez, Miranda Johnson, Mohamed Sherif Konate, Amy Nightingale, Sapana Rai, Jennifer Roblero, Stacy Serwaa, Michole Smith, Ronnie Taylor, Noelle Wolke


Grade 10: Sareena Acharya, Ximena Alaniz, Nadia Ali, Bryanna Annang, Ashmita Batola, Gregory Burns, Allahnah Dedrick, Tahj Drinks, Eric Durazno, Emily Espinoza-Ruiz, Aaron Etbarek, Mickell Fiador, Tia Griggs, Aiden Hinterlong, Cameryn Kelly, Bharat Koirala, Janiya Lewis, Keila Lopez-Velasquez, Pransha Monger, Innocent Ntwali, Aanuoluwa Odola, Brayden Patterson, Deymi Pu Mendoza, Pawan Rai, Marissa Robinson, Na’ima Salaam, Damera Sellers, Jyoti Sherpa, Ndeye Wade, Alex Wang, Jamie Wilson


Grade 9: Aarianna Bess, Surendra Bhandari, Gwendolyn Buckley, Reyna Careaga Avila, Caneshia Curry, Yemisi Daboiku, Skylar Daniels, Rupa Darjee, Ashleiny Duarte, Javier Echevarria Alicea, Nevaeh Floyd, Michelle Fordjour, Kione Hallums, Cameron Jackson, Nabina Khatiwada, Jocelyn Marquin-Lopez, Mamy M’Bodj, Goma Neopany, Emmy Nieto, Faith-Veronique Nkengfack, Salina Oli, De’janae Porter Jennings, Sir Ross, Alyssa Sears-Baldwin, Nayely Silva Bravo, Montia Spencer, Chanice Taylor, Archana Thapa, Rokia Traore, Precious Valadez-Roberson, David Vu, Noah Whitney, Zjay’inaye Wise, Madeleine Wolke



Grade 12: Lidia Abreha, Paige Adams, Sienna Bailey, Oumou Baro, Saniya Black, Da’Lohn Brown, Khina Darjee, Ramata Dia, C.J. Gallen, Sabina Gurung, Elena Hernandez, Sierra Herrington, Bianca Horner, Briana James, Ashleigh Johnson, Emmanuella Johnson, Zy’reaija Johnson, Michel Kanga, Camron Love, Hailey Miller, Arielle Mundy, Leasiah Payne, Beyonce Price, Sheridan Semes, Alyssia Simpson, Mikhale Stewart, Samba Sy, Grace Taylor, Leonard Taylor, Caleb Tubbs, Jamel Twumasi-Ankrah, Ronin Williams, Chase Woody, Kamiya Young


Grade 11: Maria Adames, Emmanuel Afolabi, Yonathan Batu, Louis Brown, Aaron Bullucks, Autumn Bullucks, Janak Chamlagai, Azzuri’ Childs, Tilak Dahal, Sarmila Darjee, Esmeralda Diaz, Natasha Diaz, Alvine Djomkam, William Edwards, Calene English, Serena Evans, Aaron Figueroa Ramos, Ayana Ford, Rayne Greene, Alexandria Griffin, Myonna Griffin, Nia Hooten, Naomi Jones, Aitana Lopex, Mikayliah Lumpkin, Desiray Mabra, Marta Mendoza Rodriguez, Taidgh Miles, Quincy Price, Shamiah Rice, Chris-tian Rothan, William Rothan, Paige Rucker, Khaleah Smith, Taylor Sneed-Jackson, Devin Spielman, Mangali Sunwar, Abdoul Sy, Nathan Tefera, Andrew Thompson, Brandon Thompson, Daysia Thompson, Johntae’ Thompson, Warren Tiemtore, Harmony Timpe, Antonio Turner, Carlos Veloz Martinez, Jerisa Whitehead 


Grade 10: Terrell Allen, Bencao Antonio, Elisbeth Arguelles Veras, Jeffery Atwood, Justin Braswell, Kameila Crews, Brooklynn Culver, Chad Dillingham, Gary Dorsey, Kemyjah Evans, Maylatt Eyassu, Laila Gordon, Alyssa Green, Samba Gueye, Royalty Hightower, Estefani Juarez Niz, Jaida Knighten, Deborah Lignon, Raven Lynn, Brenda Maya-Galan, Terrence Mays, Tommy Mays, James Minor, Cielo Ortega, Hosanna Otchere, Dave Patel, Gloria Perez Gomez, Ivanna Perry-Ross, Jocelyn Phillips, Shiser Phuyal, Hari Pokhrel, Wysdom Prempeh Davis, Aniyah Reed, Heaven Reed, Yarielis Rivera, Tavon Simonds, Braelynn Smith, Tyriq Smith, Kaden Stephens, Colin Sullivan, Ibrahima Tall, Kaleb Taylor, Dafarie Thomas, Maria Valencia Guerrero, Keon Woods


Grade 9: Thomas Buckman, Zhmarriantae Crossty-Thomas, Adre’ana Daniels, Victor Galloway, Eva Maria Gervacio, Jennifer Godinez Hernandez, Tayla Griggs, Jesus Ixmatlahua Xicalhua, Alaina Jones, William Jones, Aniyah Kirkman, Brooklyn Lee, Grace Linday, Kushal Mangar, Kaitlyn Martin, Josiah Okoh Okai, Anil Panday, Basanta Phuyal, Giovani Richardson, Gabrielle Smith, Fama Soumare, Evyn Suesberry, Joshua Thompson, Gabriel Traore, Jaeden Walker, William West, Tonnia Williams



Grade 12: Kieren Biedenbach, Jordon Devine, James Djangmah, Roberto Engleman, Monica Escobedo Barahona, Kadiata Gueye, Michael Jones, Lamiyah Linder, Karla Lopez, Demetrius Lowery, Rahul Magar, Izaria McWhorter-Martin, Bayron Danilo Mendoza Alcon, Luis Perez, Josephine Quao, Emma Smith, Anju Tamang, Mi’chale Wingfield, Dasia Wright


Grade 11: Neyra Alvarez-Aranjo, Paris Bray, Yianah Cade, Cameron Colbert, Amber Conner, Stevie Davis, Ashly Fajardo, Jay’ron Gibson, Rokhaya Gueye, Sheldyn Harris, Taneah Jones, Sonika Mangar, Jayden Potts, Elian Ramirez Urena, Caleb Sanders, Jordan Sherrill, Tyrek Spikes, Juwan Squires, Emoni Steele, Jade Thomas, Aaron Wallace, Paris Walton


Grade 10: Goddess Acklin Byrd, William Adams, Aleu Aleu, Zhanell Bankston, Cathy Bell, Ronnie Black, Jahiem Bouldin, Alyssa Coundoul, Jaylen Davenport, Jreyme Flack, Kaylah Foday Lewis, Diego Garcia Alvarez, Abdoul Gueye, Anthony Hall, Isaiah Hill, Jaden Hooten, Kaitlyn Jackson, Brittany John, Amari Jordan, La’tko Jordan, Brandon Leo, Yonny Mazariegos, Chaz Moss, Simone Murray, Khalil Olinger, Saman Oresso, Jennifer Phillips, Emily Ramirez, Rico Rumph, Damber Silwal, Kaleb Smith, Dan Umba Dombele, Shelby Wagner, Samaria West, Brian Woody, Benyah Yisrael 


Grade 9: Hannah Bateman, Solomon Brooks, Alana-Marie Bunch, Esther Epani, Andrew Escobedo, Vicayla Galloway, Leslie Garcia-Espinoza, Diakher Gueye, Breanna Hodge, Sydneigh Hubbard, Elijah Huffaker, Azyyah Jackson, Charles Johnson, Brianna Jones, Valdez Kankeu, Taliah Linder, Christopher Miles, Kiare’ Million, Erick Moreno, Ibrahim Mouhamed, Taybian Nelson, Rewash Rai, Jamarion Ricks, Armoud Seals, Zion Stiggers, Odalis Torres, Elijah Turner


Vocational School 



Grade 12: Saniyah Bryant, Darin Haag, Alexander Ingram, Gustavo Jaimes Gorostieta, Kevin Lynn, Melissa Mendoza, Daija Wallace 


Grade 11: Le’Asia Bess, Jaleah Embry, Leslie Gervacio, Ariana Green, Julia Hairston, Ta’Vera Hill, Janelle Jackson, Andre Reed, Julian Vaca-Iber, Monet Ware, Mya White



Grade 12: Shawna Allen, Jalen Clarke, Micah Hudgins, Chrishay Miles, Noah Rose, Tamar Scott, Se’bien Smith


Grade 11: E’naiya Blackman, Ashanti Bourne, Alejandra Cardona Cristobal, Tony Davis, Adriana Duenas Uribe, Jazmyn Gamble, Kevin Gomez-Castro, Masiya Jones, Brooklyn McMiller, Briana Mendoza-Sandoval, Samikchhaya Oli, Tyshawna Price, Bhawana Rai, Benjamin Secrest, Shailin Uribe-Martinez, Kennedy Ward, Marterrio Ward 



Grade 12: Ronald Achan, Phonte’ Bailey, Kionna Darjean, Perphuz Denham, Michelle Diaz-Cerritos, Xazaria Dubose Robinson, Nija Harris, La’Kiyon Harris, Jeremy Kessler, Yadira Perez, Myala Sims, Ronald Thigpen, Josiane Umutoni, Shima Upreti, Gabrielle Valentine, Heydi Velasquez Marroquin, Quamar Woods


Grade 11:  Jhada Couch-Cassino, Makiaha Craddock, Ja’Shawna Derby, Ariyiah Giwa, Jaiden Hogan, Marcus Johnson, Citlaly Martinez-Diaz, Krystian Mason, Keyshana Mitchell, Bryan Nieves Pineda, Pierre Ntumba, Carolina Rendon, Crystal Sou, Camara Thompson, Ra Kiya Whaley


Middle School



Grade 8: Simran Acharya, Amira Adams, Aicha Baro, Hannah Bowman, Kailee Bransford, Ian Brown Marsh, Dejah Coleman, Karen Cruz-Aparico, Carlecya Davis, Genry De La Cruz Jimenez, Farba Mamoudou Diak, Ashley Diaz, Lorell Dickerson, Jayde Elahee, Tsiyon Etbarek, Abigail Evans, Amaya Fernandez, Jorrcy Gervacio Camacho, Kourtni Hutcheson, Lariya Irvin, Mycah Irvin, Kamiah Jones, Bryan Knighten, Ariel Marshall, Charles Mathis, Te’Kevion McKinney, Kiara Merritt, Dioscandy Pena Torres, Sanaa Richard, Jade Salce, Mawougno Sewovi, D’erica Stiehl, Terry Trammell, Adrienne Tutts, A’Miya Wallace, Kyndall Watkins, Jelana Whitehead


Grade 7: Khiari Allognon, Jordan Anderson, Dieyenaba Bah, Madison Calloway, Liliana Chaj Morales, Noah Collins, David Dean, Ezekiel Etbarek, Nyla Freeman, Ivet Garcia Cruz, Ellie Heinbaugh, Cristian Hernandez Lopez, Britney Johnson, Savannah Johnson, Donovhan Jones, Rohan Magar, Kyrah Mays, Daniel Mugarura, Kyle Schnupp, Shaneil Smith, Cassidy Stockmeier, Brenda Vazquez Jaimes, Camryn Wilkinson



Grade 8: Andre’ Adams, Constance Battle, Maria Battle, Dyauni Briggins-Davis, Da’Von Cain, Ronuando Crews, Kanae Gardner, Jordan Graves, Alondra Hernandez, Mariam Jah, Khy’lek Jarrett, Evelyne Kanga, Kamyra Latscha, Xiomara Palacios Duran, Aryan Rai, Kya Rainey, Chaz Sanders, Zoey Smith, Jayvion Stanford, Naomi Stiggers, Shane Strayhorn, Prapti Tamang, Enzo Joris Tchetgnia, Fatimata Thiam, Aaliyah Voner, Malachi Wells, Deairah Wilkins, Khaliyah Wilson


Grade 7:Michael Bell, Lordina Boateng, Jaxon Braswell, Ronin Buhl, Alana Clarke, J’niah Culbreth, Brooklyn Davis, Nathanael Dawson, Ismael Dembele, Mahesh Dhimal, Malaado Dia, Kylee Eberhart, Jeffery Gamble, Souleymane Gassama, Taliah Gomez, Alejandra Gutierrez Iraheta, Deandre James, Jonathan Juarez Carrillo, Adalberto Juarez Santos, Emelin Luna Bermudez, Camila Mendoza Lopez, Parker Mink, Ayelen Perez Carrillo, Destiny Reed, Angela Roblero Roblero, Leniyah Smith, Heaven Sneed, Aubri Spivey-Walton, Everson Stallworth, Diego Torres Davilla, Wesley Velasquez, English Wilkins, Julliauna Young



Grade 8: Devin Adams, Zy’vionn Allen, Tene Ba, Jayden Beamon, Emariyae Blackwell-Crawford, Courtney Bradley, Serenity Burgin-Gardner, Vanessa Byrd, Ma’Keyla Campbell, Kori Carter, Daniel Castro Jimenez, Viviana Chears, Coleman Cobb, Lacey Crawford, Marcus Culbreth, Blane Devlin, Bisesh Dhungel, Alijah Elmore, Leah Escobedo Barahona, Ka’niah Grimes, Noor Jallaq, Jennifer Jimon-Jiatz, London Lee, Kyah Leece-Bowling, Carisma Lowry, Angel McMenemy, Adriana Miranda, Alex Navarro, Jack Oliver, Gabrielle Parker, Kheara Roberson, David Samuels, Laila Santana Martine, Sydnee Short, Ivy Smith, Malachi Smith, Quinn Smith, Brady Stumpf, Trysten Talley, Suman Tamang, Ja’Vae Thomas, Marlenee Velazquez Baez, Sean Walker, Derianna Wallace, E’monta Weah, Rihanna Whaley, Christiana Woods


Grade 7: Kenneth Bailey, Logan Banatwala, Miles Bivens, Valencia Brooks, Dania Daniels, Irelynn Ford, Savannah Fryman, Ayriana Harrison, Jaziyah Jones, Nevaeh Jordan, Kris Lang, Gaby Lopez-Velazquez, Rahvier Mack, De’Aries Miller, Ramatoulaye Ndiaye, Micala Reese, Ra’shyra Rivers, Marquelle Scott, Demarco Stallworth, Jayden Suddeth, Fatimetou Traore, Devaunte’ Williams, Na’jon Woods, Jasmine Zellars


Intermediate School 

All A’s

Grade 6: Angel Beamon, Cyleigh Cobb, Amiah Coleman, Phoenix Daniels, Juan Davis, Levi Herdemann, Rhiounna King, Robert Myricks, Pramila Rai, Dennise Ross, Pujan Sanyasi, Shiloh Smith, Ella Sullivan, Janyla Thomas, Ryan Walker, Ladiya White, Kamara Wilson


Grade 5: Sabnam Acharya, Emily Appora, Nasha Boateng, Dennise Calderon Carillo, Rolado Chaj Morales, Malik Davis, Ayva Dukes Sith, Alina Ellis, Odalis Galvez Morales, Elvira Gbeblewou, Koran Green, Yaya Guisse, Jayla Hughes Carnes, Mikeya Johnson, John Lake, Unique Mabry, Kassandra Martinez, Samuel Matkins, Mareli Mendoza Sandoval, Mackenzie Merkerchie, Arielle Audry Ngassi Kwemi, Ayleen Orduna Andablo, Asly Parada Guervara, Naim Perez Hernandez, Alexandria Price, David Routt, Jayvier Stanford, Selena Stevison, Ashley Velasquez Lopez, Allison Vu, Talla Wade, Amiyah Weatherspoon, Jamira Wilson


A/B Honors

Grade 5: Dalla Ball, Aubree Bates, Mia Canady, Karen Cardona Cristobal, Trinity Chapman Davis, Ri’Aunna Collins, Jeremi Costello, Mikal Davis, Nehemah Engleman, Gabriella F-Williams, Adedunmola Favour Adeleke, Zoe Gibson, Kauyvion Greene, Aliou Jah, Yelena LeBron, Edy Lopez, Jenique McDay, Gabrielle Minor, Joseph Peterson, Cheyenne Purdon, Ca’Liyah Reed, Jacqueline Reyes Nava, Zailyus Roberson, Destiny Sabotka, Jayla Sibert, Beverly Snowden, Kingsley Stallworth, Kole Thiam, Tayvon Tolliver, Angel Torres, Brandon Vazquez, Kevin Velazquez, Kah’Laya Walker, Miah Ward, Yamiyah Ward, Joshua Watkins, Khaydeb Waver, Janaya White, Elijah Williams


Grade 6: Alex Adams, Corabelle Blevins, Shianne Bostic, Kevin Burke, Eyner Diaz Lopez, Jordan Dunn, Feroj Gurung, Ajani Jackson Williams, Brian Key, Jessica Lopez Salvador, Kira Mason, Chris Mathis, Jansen McCann, Melvin Ramiez Gonzalez, Dayana Roberts, Shaun Smoot, Mikiyah Spencer, Ti’Quan Walker


All A’s

Grade 3: Aiden Hardy, Ty’Von Jordan, Carter Leigibel, Aa’Cari Carpenter, Anaye Worsham-Mumphrey, Jocelyn Braswell, James Geisler, Raegan Green, Tali Rucker, Diari Dia, Tamiya Jackson, Avari McLean, Malea Baker, Amiyah Cade, Ayanna Philpot, Noah Ford, David Hammitt, Kim’Mora Waller, Isaac Adamson, Christopher Crosswhite, Emiliano Leon, Savannah Sims, Avery Freeman, Arianna Black, David Gurung, Carnell Barnes, Caleb Nuovi, Jaimere Ruffin


Grade 4: Talia Buckman, Brielle Evans, Debby Garcia Cruz, Marian Davis, Avery Parker, Ashley Rueda Valencia, Laxson Dahal, Paris Lewis, Elyse Foster, Kourtney Jarman, A’Myra Bryant, Khafra Jones-Smith, Jordan Cotton, Aniyah Williams, Aaliyah Fosu, Sofia Gallegos, Isabella Penkala, Daniel Poudel


A/B Honors

Grade 3: Joziah Appiah, Jahzara Appiah, Ariel Chambers, Landen Culbreth, Jonathan Jardines Cardona, Jayce Price, Jhemiesha Pullon, Landin Blackwell-Crawford, Angelica Daniel Sanchez, Jamar Graves-Glenn, Leiana Jones, Dennis Lopez Duong, Justin McKinney, Jordan Perez Garcia, Amanda Pu Mendoza, Audrey Scott, Clove Banatwala, Angelie Flores Labrador, La’Zariah Green, Isabella Hayes, Jaavon Keys, Jazara Lang, Cristty Bartolon, Bryan Castro Perez, Sajan Gautam, Khailar Khamvongsa-Bassam, Eden Kofi-Arthur, Spring Lemon, King Million, Elijah Smith, Christopher Yeboah, Saniyah Besley-Allen, Paris Collins, Hewan Etbarek, Josiah Fisher, Pierra Lueffa, David Robinson-Knox, Kyndel Brown, Mirna Chilel-Niz, Angely DeLeon, Elizabeth Elam, Ashley Esquivel Ruiz, Donald Gonzales, Elizabeth Sotelo, Freddie Fair, Lervin Galvez Morales, Franklyn Lopez Velasquez, Sheyla Raymundo Jimenez, Cairra Chappell, Savon Gibson, Baron Kesse, Prianshu Subedi, Mikel Bell, Aubriel Bronson, Jayah Brooks, Roxana Chaj Lopez, Jenny Velsquez Marroquin, Ayana Walton, Ariana Whittle, Josiah Williams, Elijah Canaday, Lyric Engleman, Francisco Herrera Fuentes, Cayden Ingram, Aiden Martin, Rashad Plesinger, Isabella Espinoza, Damien Taylor, Ky’Yair Weah


Grade 4: Jaxton Hodge, Baron Jones, Malcolm Stone, Logan Woody, Jeremy Zistler, Tre’von Dixon, Addison Griffin, Donald Abney, Karla Alaniz, Jordynn Jenrett, Maximiliano Garcia Alvarez, Beryl Joanna Mwenze, Janis Pearson, Marlo Smith, Dayanna Vera Luna, Brylee Clark, Jonathan Diaz-Lopez, Kayden Ellington, Kennedi Felton, Dominique Lynn, Uhiver Levins, Gavin Philips, Kayle Taylor, Nathan Annor, Sherlyn Ayala Barrueta, Aryana Roberts, Mazimiliano Castaneda Palma, Zaniya Johnson, Ian Noel, Ava Freeman, Khari Greene, Anyelin Mazariegos Meija, Zaire Wells, Anileg Abreu Dela Cruz, Quentin Henderson, Mohamed Mbaye, Khady Bah, Emma Espinoza, Ranay Howell, Kelsie Philips, Stormee Wagner


Congratulations to all of our Warriors who continue to commit to academic excellence and strive for success. We are proud of all the hard work you do.


PHOTO CAPTION: Winton Woods Primary South new interim principal Michele Plummer. Photo by Drew Jackson.








Franck Djidjeu Selected for College Board Award  


It was no surprise to Warrior staff and teachers when Winton Woods High School senior Franck Djidjeu was selected as a recipient of the College Board’s National African American Recognition Program, a prestigious and nationally recognized organization that awards students from around the country for their academic achievements and excellence on their PSAT scores. Brad Tash, Djidjeu’s guidance counselor for the past three years, says he is one of the best individuals he has encountered in his 20 years working in education. “I have rarely come across a student as hard-working, personable, and focused as Franck. While no one is perfect, Franck has come about as close as anyone can to perfection. His teachers cannot speak highly enough about him, and he is extremely liked by his peers. Not to mention, his end-of-year academic awards are too numerous to mention.” 


Throughout Djidjeu’s high school career, he has not earned a grade lower than an A. His schedule of six classes includes three college courses at Cincinnati State College, and his involvement in extracurricular activities has shown his ability to balance a workload as well as other hobbies he enjoys. He was a member of the  varsity football team and before COVID was involved in student council, international club, and a medical program called TAP MD that supports students pursuing the medical field. When asked what inspires him, he said his parents do. “Seeing my parents make so much out of so little is what inspires me. If they could do it with the slim opportunity they had, I can do so much more and am capable of doing whatever I set my mind to.” Djidjeu’s parents moved him and his two younger siblings to North America from Cameroon in 2008. “I have always had this mentality that I am not going to sell myself short, and I am always going to be the best I can.” Djidjeu plans to be a doctor. If he could give any advice to fellow Warriors, it would be to take high school seriously but enjoy it. “The mindset you come into high school with is going to set you up to succeed. If you start with a good mindset, determination and a set goal of what you want to accomplish, it is going to be a lot easier to build a habit and become accustomed to excelling in school.” 







Winton Woods Primary North Student Receives Character Award


board meetingWinton Woods Primary North student Drayden Booker received the Kiwanis Character is Key award for resourcefulness at the November board meeting. Former Primary North Principal Kevin Jones had a lot of great things to say about him. “Drayden is a problem solver, a student that knows how to adjust to any situation, and uses his resources to succeed. Each and every day, he uses positive relationships with everyone in our building to gain positive rapport with his classmates and every adult he encounters. 


“Drayden is the type of student that people want around and have on their team. He is an amazingly friendly young man and it shows when he arrives at school every morning with a smile on his face. His classroom teacher Ms. Daniels said Drayden is a great leader in class and a valuable friend to all of those around him. He has the communication and people skills to positively impact everything around him. When he is unsure of things in the classroom, he uses the resources that have been provided to him throughout the year both academically and socially to master the standards of his reading, writing, and math skills. He is also able to solve his own problems this way. 

Winton Woods Primary North student Drayden Booker received the Kiwanis Character is Key award for resourcefulness at the November board meeting. Former Primary North Principal Kevin Jones had a lot of great things to say about him. “Drayden is a problem solver, a student that knows how to adjust to any situation, and uses his resources to succeed. Each and every day, he uses positive relationships with everyone in our building to gain positive rapport with his classmates and every adult he encounters. 

“Drayden is the type of student that people want around and have on their team. He is an amazingly friendly young man and it shows when he arrives at school every morning with a smile on his face. His classroom teacher Ms. Daniels said Drayden is a great leader in class and a valuable friend to all of those around him. He has the communication and people skills to positively impact everything around him. When he is unsure of things in the classroom, he uses the resources that have been provided to him throughout the year both academically and socially to master the standards of his reading, writing, and math skills. He is also able to solve his own problems this way. 

Drayden never complains and he does not give up. His resourcefulness has allowed him to stand out amongst his classmates. The Primary North staff is grateful to have a student like Drayden in the school. We believe he is going to accomplish great things.”


PHOTO CAPTION: Winton Woods Primary North student Drayden Booker is the Kiwanis Character is Key recipient. Photo by Corina Denny. 






Winton Woods Makayla Adams is the Skyline Student Athlete of the Month

In March, the Winton Woods City Schools Board of Education postponed student award recognitions at its monthly meetings due to the pandemic. However, that did not stop the district from acknowledging its recipients of those awards for their academic excellence. Winton Woods Class of 2020 graduate and March Skyline Student Athlete of the Month Makayla Adams was one such student who was honored at the November board meeting. She was hailed as a team player who enjoyed great success on the bowling, cheerleading and softball teams - all sports to which she brought positive impact and impeccable skills - while maintaining a 3.6 grade point average. Softball coach Dennis Hogel characterized her as a positive influence to the younger players. He said that as a third year varsity player, Makayla dedicated her precious time to work with them so they would understand what it takes to play at the varsity level. “She led the team with a .513 OBA (on base average) and was second in batting average with .410. As a leadoff hitter last season, she learned to be an effective slapper - a unique hitter that puts pressure on defense.” 


According to her bowling coach, Makayla Adams was also a great bowler. Coach Robin Stephens says she had a 183 average this year with a high game of 244 and high series of 432. “She has been in Varsity all four years and made it to district three years.”


Furthermore, her cheer coach Tenesha Bennett says it has been a pleasure to coach Makayla since her sophomore year. “She has exhibited strong leadership skills and has become an advocate for her peers in cheerleading. She goes that extra mile without hesitation. She has always made her academics a top priority. I am truly filled with joy to see her blossom into the young lady that she has become. I know she is going to put her best foot forward, dominate, and succeed after graduation just as she always has.”


 To be nominated for the Skyline Student Athlete of the Month, students must: 

  • Maintain an academic standard of 3.0 GPA or above in the previous quarter

  • Show respect for coaches, teammates, officials, teachers, other students and family

  • Show enthusiasm and a positive attitude

  • Display commitment to practice, games and personal skill development

  • Demonstrate honesty and playing by the rules

  • Have high moral character. 


The Skyline Student Athlete of the Month Award is sponsored by the Forest Park Skyline Chili restaurant, a business partner of Winton Woods City Schools. Student athletes honored receive a Skyline Chili gift card.







WWHS Allahnah Dedrick Selected as Kiwanis Student of the Month


Winton Woods High School Counselor Brad Tash says Allahnah Dedrick was selected as the Kiwanis Student of the Month award because, in his words, “Well, she is awesome.” The ninth grade student has accomplished a lot since her short time at the high school, including receiving no grades lower than an A. Her demanding schedule includes a full list of honors courses.


Tash says she is a leader and a reliable student her peers look up to. “In class, she is frequently chosen to be group leader for projects because of her desire to get tasks done and the authoritative way she persuades others to do the same.  Allahnah is among the first to jump in and help a fellow student who is struggling with a concept. She is almost like a second teacher in the classroom.


“Outside of her coursework Allahnah is very active as well.  She is a member of both our cheer and mock trial teams.  Part of what makes Allahnah so driven is that she already knows exactly what she wants to do with her life - become a lawyer.  She was selected to be part of a prestigious program called the Law and Leadership Institute at the University of Cincinnati (UC) Law School. During her summer in July, she traveled to UC to get prepared for the next chapter of her life.  The sky is the limit for this young lady. 


“Allahnah Dedrick deserves this honor of Student of the Month because she is an outstanding young lady both in her actions and in her demeanor.  It is students like Allahnah who make me proud to be a Warrior!”






Julie Helton is Winton Woods Skyline Teacher of the Month


Winton Woods Elementary School is proud to announce Julie Helton as the Skyline Teacher of the Month for November. “We would like to nominate Julie Helton as the Skyline Teacher of the Month,” said Principal Nelson Homan. “Mrs. Helton does a great job challenging her students to do their very best on a daily basis. She has a positive attitude with the entire Winton Woods Community and it shows. She builds positive relationships and fosters a nurturing learning community in her classroom. It is with much pride that we nominate such a valued team member as Mrs. Helton.” 

To be nominated for the Skyline Teacher of the Month, teachers must demonstrate: 

  • Excellence in the Classroom by using instructional practices that support higher academic achievement.

  • Motivation by encouraging and motivating students to surpass their expectations both academically and socially.  

  • Leadership by having a positive attitude with students, parents, colleagues and the community.  

  • Creativity and Imagination by demonstrating creativity in teaching in a way that inspires students to learn. 

  • Dedication by showing excellent attendance, punctuality and overall dependability. 

  • Communication by communicating effectively to their classrooms, parents, colleagues and beyond. 


The Skyline Teacher of the Month Award is sponsored by the Forest Park Skyline Chili Restaurant, a business partner of Winton Woods City Schools. Teachers who are honored receive a Skyline gift card.  


PHOTO CAPTION: Winton Woods Elementary School teacher Julie Helton is November’s Skyline teacher of the month. 






WWHS Counselors Receive Award Recognitions at Board Meeting

guianceThe Board of Education recognized three Winton Woods High School counselors for  receiving awards for their exceptional work with students. Christina Jeranek, Winton Woods High School counselor who serves students in Grades 11 and 12, was selected as the 2020 Career Quest School Counselor of the Year. She was informed by Career Quest in February of 2020 with a surprise celebration with staff, before the pandemic, in the Winton Woods High School media center. Jeranek was honored at the district’s November board meeting for her award. “I appreciate this honor. I love working with our students at Winton Woods and it gives me such happiness to do what I can do to help promote their success to their future. Thank you.”

guidanceKim Goins and Brad Dash are recipients of the College Board Counselor Recognition awards. They were among 400 counselors selected for this honor from districts all over the country as well as the United Arab Emirates and Myanmar. “It gives us great pleasure to work with our students,” said Goins. “I truly love being here and enjoy watching them grow and seeing them take off and go to their next levels in life. This is an honor for us and we’re grateful for it. Thank you.” Dr. Tamra Ragland, Executive Director for Teaching and Learning for Grades 7-12,  thanked each of these extraordinary counselors for their contributions to our students’ success and for their hard work over the years.






Kristi Hooper Honored with Community Spirit Award

Winton Woods City Schools presented the district’s March Community Spirit award at the November board meeting to former Transportation Director Kristi Hooper for being an “incredible and reliable resource person in the transportation department that made our lives much easier.” In June of 2020, she retired after serving students and families in the district for over thirty years. Hooper was a Winton Woods parent when she began volunteering and worked her way up to becoming the Transportation Director. Executive Director of Human Resources and Legal Services Courtney Wilson described her as a dedicated employee who was willing to help with anything and saw others’ needs as a priority. “She was extremely responsible about safely transporting our  district’s most precious commodity, the children. She was also very  customer service oriented,” said Wilson. “She was helpful with levy and bond initiatives and was always present for every campaign and literature drop. Being a former Winton Woods parent and life-long resident of Greenhills, she used her positive influence to help wherever she could.” Superintendent Anthony G. Smith extended the district’s thanks and appreciation to Kristi Hooper for her hard work and dedication to our Warrior students, staff, and community.





Winton Woods Board of Education Announces 2021 Meeting Dates


The Winton Woods board of education has announced its schedule of regular and special meetings for 2021. We encourage and invite our community to view our monthly live broadcasts on the Waycross Media website to learn and stay up to date with what is happening in our district. All regular board meetings are open to the public and will take place at the high school cafeteria, located at 1231 West Kemper Road in Forest Park unless otherwise announced. All attendees must wear a mask and follow the safety guidelines of being six feet apart.


Regular board of education meetings begin at 6:30 p.m. – Location: High School Media Center, 1231 W. Kemper Road.

  • January 25 

  • February 22 

  • March 15

  • April 26

  • May 17

  • June 21 

  • July 26 

  • August 23 

  • September 27 

  • October 25 

  • November 22 

  • December 13


Board of education work sessions begin at 6:30 p.m. – Location: Board of Education office, 825 Waycross Road, Suite A.

  • February 8 

  • March 8 

  • April 12 

  • May 10

  • June 7 

  • July 12

  • August 9 

  • September 13 

  • October 11


Superintendent briefings begin at 4:00 p.m. – Location: Board of Education office, 825 Waycross Road, Suite A.

  • March 8

  • April 19

  • August 16 

  • October 18


PHOTO CAPTION: Winton Woods City Schools board meeting from October 2020. Photo by Drew Jackson.








Weekly Warrior Highlights



congratsWWCS Celebrates Three Years as a WeTHRIVE! Recipient


Winton Woods City Schools celebrates three years as a WeThrive! recipient. Congratulations Warriors! 











buccaneersWWCS Alum Plays in NFC Championship Game


Winton Woods Warrior alum and Tampa Bay Buccaneers player Mike Edwards will play in the NFC Championship Game this Sunday at 3:05 p.m. on FOX. Last week, Edwards caught the game-winning interception against the New Orleans Saints. Tune in and cheer him on this Sunday!  (Photo by Brynn Anderson, AP)








boardBoard Members Recognized During Board Appreciation Month


This month, we recognize our board of education members for their endless support and dedication to the success of our students, staff and community. 











wwReminder Warrior Families: Our Child Nutrition Department will be distributing meals every Wednesday at Winton Woods Intermediate School from 3:30 to 7 p.m. for our virtual learning students. Warrior families unable to make this time can call (513) 619-2480 to schedule an appointment for pick up. For more information about student meal distribution, please visit #NutritionIsTheMission








wwCheck out this informative article by our community partner Mercy Health on learning the differences between allergies, colds, flu and COVID-19: Stay healthy and be safe Warriors!









new buildingCheck out this cool virtual video of our South Campus for Grades K-6. For more construction updates about our new innovative campuses, go to

Check out this cool virtual video of our North Campus for Grades 7-12. For more construction updates about our new innovative campuses, go to 






Our Wee Warriors can follow along as Superintendenti Anthony G. Smith reads "I Promise" by Lebron James as a welcome back to our kindergarten students on their first day back in the school buildings.











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