Concert Etiquette


Manners matter, even at a classical music concert.
To enhance your listening enjoyment of this event, please use these suggestions or pass them on to someone that needs a gentle reminder. If the gentle reminder doesn’t help, we have a school administrator on duty who will be happy to assist.

This Isn't A Rock Concert... Manners Matter!

In today's world of pop music loud, outbursts are not a problem. More to the point, they simply go with the genre. In a classical or other unamplified concert however, talking and moving around are a big distraction to those around you. When attending such a concert, keep these seven simple rules in mind.

1. Enter and exit your seat only between selections. If possible, wait until the audience is applauding before moving. The only exception to this is if you need to remove a restless or crying child. 

2. Don't talk during a performance. If you must talk to your neighbor, always whisper directly into their ear so that those around you cannot hear your comments.

3. Cell phones off or on vibrate please!

4. Please do not unwrap candy or cough drops while the musicians are performing.

5. It is customary to applaud when the conductor first comes out on the stage. He or she will bow to acknowledge the audience's applause and the concert will begin.

6. Do not applaud until the conductor has dropped his hands and has turned around to acknowledge the audience.

7. Whistling, yelling, or otherwise congratulating the performers is generally not appropriate for classical music concerts.