Teachers in the Winton Woods City School District will begin to receive overall ratings on their job performance under the new Ohio Teacher Evaluation System.
The teacher evaluation process is based on the knowledge that the quality of the classroom teacher affects how well kids learn. The process also makes each teacher’s job performance clearer to parents. Your child’s teacher will be assessed in two ways:
Classroom Performance
Our school principal will watch each teacher in action for 30 minutes twice a year, and for shorter periods throughout the year. The principal will evaluate how the teacher is doing compared to seven Standards for Ohio Educators. Two of these standards are how well the teacher relates to students and how well the teacher knows the subject matter.
Student Growth
“Student growth” is how much knowledge and skill a child has gained between two points in time. Usually, this is from the beginning to end of a school year or semester. The Ohio Teacher Evaluation System measures impact on student growth in several ways, depending on the grade and subject a teacher teaches.
Teacher evaluation helps ensure that your child gets the best quality of teaching available. The process also helps teachers understand what they need to do to improve. If you have more questions about teacher ratings, contact Courtney Wilson, Executive Director of Human Resources & Legal Services  at 513 619-2300.