ESL-Resources for Parents

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Suggestions for parents and links to activities and games to help children learn English better and faster! Just click on the link.

Suggestions  For Parents:

  1. Keep speaking Spanish (French, Twi, Vietnamese, etc.) at home. Research shows that the stronger the child's abilities in his or her native language, the better they will learn a second (or third) language. Also, keep native language materials at home for the child to read; allow the child to write in the native language too. Again, the better they can use and understand their native language, the easier it will be to master English.
  2. Attend school functions. Stay in touch with the teachers. They value your opinion. They want to hear from you. Working together, you and your school can make a big difference in the life of your child.
  3. Supervise your children's homework. Designate a certain time every day for them to do homework. Do not do it for them!
  4. Make books special. Take your children to the library, encourage them to read and explore as many books as you can.
  5. Encourage your kids to write. Have them keep a journal. They can write about anything--what they learned today, who they talked to, what they want to do this weekend, anything! Just write!
  6. Talk to your kids every day. Talk about what happened that day, the news, or whatever you can think of. This will improve their knowledge of the world, which is crucial to reading and listening comprehension.
  7. Post homework or projects on the refrigerator door or in a special place in the home.
  8. Praise them for their successes and encourage them to keep trying when they fail.


Enrolling in School

Educational Websites

The Ohio Department of Education's website for "Limited English Proficient" students contains the latest legal and professional information regarding the education of English Language Learners.

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This page contains vocabulary with pictures and sounds from several languages besides English, including Spanish, French, Chinese and Arabic.

This is the best online dictionary in the world.

This is a great place to start any research project. Plus: it is translated into many different languages.

Tons of activities and resources for the primary and elementary grades.


This site has tons of games for all levels.