Board of education 2019
(Left to right bottom row) Dr. Viola Johnson, President,  Ms. Katrina Rugless, Vice President, 
(Left to right top row)  Dr. John Cuppoletti, Member, Ms. Paula Kuhn, Member, Mr. Jeff Berte, Member

Student Achievement 

At Winton Woods, we will ensure all students achieve at
high levels, meeting or exceeding State and District measures.


At Winton Woods, resources will be aligned to meet District goals and objectives
and all financial decisions will consider the impact on student achievement.

Community Engagement

At Winton Woods, the District will partner and engage parents and
community stakeholders to encourage shared ownership of our success. 


Any revisions to the board meeting schedule can be found on the
Winton Woods Website Calendar 

 2019 Board Meeting Schedule 
     (as of January 2019)

Board Meetings are televised on Waycross Community Media, Channel 23.  Thursdays, 7:00am and 10:00pm, Saturdays, 9:00pm


This award is presented to individuals and organizations to recognize their significant contributions to the district over a period of years.
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Additional Info

 CURRENT YEAR - 2018-19
6/10/19 Special Meeting Minutes
5/20/19 Regular Meeting Minutes
5/13/19 Special Meeting Minutes
4/22/19 Regular Meeting Minutes
4/15/19 Special Meeting Minutes
4/8/19 Special Meeting Minutes
4/6/19 Special Meeting Minutes
3/18/19 Regular Meeting Minutes
3/11/19 Special Meeting 2 Minutes
3/11/19 Special Meeting 1 Minutes
2/25/19 Regular Meeting Minutes
2/04/19 Special Meeting Minutes
1/28/19 Regular Meeting Minutes
1/14/19 Organizational Meeting Minutes
1/08/19 Special Meeting Minutes
1/04/19 Special Meeting Minutes
12/17/19 Regular Meeting Minutes
12/10/18 Special Meeting Minutes
11/26/18 Regular Meeting Minutes
10/25/18 Special Meeting Minutes
10/22/18 Regular Meeting Minutes
10/08/18 Special Meeting Minutes
09/24/18 Regular Meeting Minutes
09/17/18 Special Meeting Minutes
08/27/18 Regular Meeting Minutes
08/13/18 Special Meeting Minutes
07/23/18 Regular Meeting Minutes
07/09/18 Special Meeting Minutes
06/25/18 Regular Meeting Minutes
06/11/18 Special Meeting Minutes
06/04/18 Special Meeting Minutes
05/29/18 Special Meeting Minutes
05/21/18 Regular Meeting Minutes
05/14/18 Special Meeting Minutes
04/30/18 Special Meeting Minutes
04/23/18 Regular Meeting Minutes
04/16/18 Special Meeting Minutes
03/12/18 Special Meeting 1 Minutes
03/12/18 Special Meeting 2 Minutes
03/10/18 Special Meeting Minutes
02/26/18 Regular Meeting Minutes
02/12/18 Special Meeting Minutes
02/03/18 Special Meeting Minutes
01/22/18 Regular Meeting Minutes
01/08/18 Organizational Meeting Minutes
01/08/18 Special Meeting  Minutes
12/11/17 Regular Meeting Minutes
12/04/17 Special Meeting Minutes
11/27/17 Regular Meeting Minutes
10/23/17 Regular Meeting Minutes

10/09/17 Special Meeting Minutes
09/25/17 Regular Meeting Minutes

09/18/17 Special Meeting Minutes
09/11/17 Special Meeting Minutes

08/28/17 Regular Meeting Minutes
08/21/17 Special Meeting Minutes
08/14/17 Special Meeting  Minutes 
08/07/17 Special Meeting Minutes
07/24/17 Regular Meeting Minutes
07/10/17 Special Meeting Minutes
06/26/17 Regular Meeting Minutes
06/12/17 Special Meeting Minutes
05/22/17 Regular Meeting Minutes
05/15/17 Special Meeting Minutes
05/08/17 Special Meeting  Minutes
04/24/17 Regular Meeting Minutes
04/17/17 Special Meeting Minutes
04/10/17 Special Meeting Minutes
03/27/17 Special Meeting Minutes
03/20/17 Regular Meeting Minutes
03/13/17 Special Meeting Minutes
02/27/17 Regular Meeting Minutes
02/13/17 Special Meeting Minutes
01/23/17 Organizational Meeting Minutes
01/09/17 Special Meeting Agenda

             Special Meeting Minutes
1/05/17 Organizational Meeting Agenda

             Organizational Meeting Minutes