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Science is taught through thematic lessons in grades k-2.  This work in the primary classrooms prepares our students for their work in grades 3-8. 

Interactive Science Grades 3-8


The Interactive Science book has several key features - interactivities, science

inquires, online content, and complete coverage of science content standards.

Children will learn about Earth, Physical and Life Sciences as they apply reading skills to science texts and practice mathematical practices.  Each chapter begins with a Big Question.  Students can answer the question at the beginning of the chapter, based upon his or her prior knowledge of the topic.  

Interactive Science provides focus on student engagement, ownership, and relevance in a variety of ways.  

  • A write-in student edition that promotes ownership
  • Untamed Science videos, tapping into students prior knowledge and providing discussion opportunities.
  • Inquiry lab activities that provide both minds-on and hand-on inquiry learning.  
  • Online technology tools and virtual lab environments.

Additional Info

Find interactive lessons, vocabulary flashcards, student e-text, science videos and more at:

You will need a login code from your child's teacher to access the student resources.

New Science Standards were completed in June 2011. 

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