Last Updated: 6/28/2018 2:02 PM

2018 Honors Diploma Scholars

Eighteen teachers were honored this year as the most influential in the lives of Winton Woods City Schools’ 2018 Honor Diploma Scholars. These teachers were chosen by the seniors and recognized for their tremendous impact not only the classroom but outside the classrooms as well.


Winton Woods City Schools’ 2018 Most Influential Teachers were:

  • Josh Amstutz – chosen by Alexandria Denny, Jasmine Reed

  • James Breyer – chosen by Gerald Taylor

  • Brad Ciminowasielewski – chosen by Leila Adams, Charles Brown, Payton Mack

  • Jeremy Day – chosen by Princess Dyer

  • Becky Farrell – chosen by Kemaiya Clark

  • Joyce Frericks – chosen by Aversa Prentosito

  • Kelsi Goins – chosen by Taryn Phillips-Smith

  • Kimaya Hudgins – chosen by Alexis Williams

  • Mark Jackson – chosen by Alec Willertz

  • Michelle Kozlowski – chosen by Alexander Kress

  • Andrew Lock – chosen by Jordan Braswell

  • Beth Miller – chosen by Grace Epani

  • Beth Pearson – chosen by Eliana Washam

  • Allison Roy – chosen by Jayla Nashae’ Lee

  • Eloise Richardson – chosen by Hai Nguyen

  • Charele Schork – chosen by Chiquira Reeves

  • Myrtis Smith – chosen by Blake Perkins

  • Natombi Simpson – chosen by Brianna Barrow, Alena Sears-Whitmire

  • Carol Becci-Youngs – chosen by Darion Hassertt


The district celebrated over 23 Honors Diploma Scholars and their Most Influential Teachers at a special dinner and program at Winton Woods High School.