Family of Greenhills and Winton Woods Alum Create Masks for Community

sewing together

As Ohio and the rest of the world are learning to adapt to this new normal, Greenhills High School Alum Galina Radford and her granddaughters, both alum and current students of Winton Woods City Schools, have returned to what they know best - sewing. For three decades, Ms. Radford owned a sewing business but did not know how essential her skills would be in the years to come. Since March, Radford, accompanied by four of her five granddaughters, have made close to 3,000 masks, including Winton Woods specifically designed masks. “We greatly appreciated their service,” said Superintendent Anthony G. Smith, who provided his staff with beautifully decorated safely adorned masks in the Winton Woods colors of blue and green. 


Mya Harlan, Radford’s granddaughter, said they have a greater purpose for making the masks. “It is not about the money. We have made a very little profit from this endeavor. We do it because we saw a need in our community that we could fill.” The business started in March, after Ms. Radford’s neighbor asked if she could make a few masks. Then, their story was aired on Channel 5 and sales skyrocketed. “In the beginning, it was very busy. We worked seven days a week from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. Now that we have a system, we enjoy taking a day or two off.” Ms. Ranford mentioned that although it is a unique time, it is great having all of her family back together sewing like they used to. Mya agreed. They do not see themselves stopping the business any time soon. “We really appreciate everyone coming back and giving us their business. It is awesome,” said Radford. Each mask that is $5 includes a nose strip. They also make custom orders. For more information or to purchase a mask, contact Galina Radford at (513)602-2754 or Mya Harlan at (513)410-3992 with a text message.


PHOTO CAPTION: (shown l-r) Garlina Radford and her granddaughter Mya Harlan pictured at their sewing stations at Ms. Radford’s home. Photo by Drew Jackson.

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