Winton Woods Student Programs Receives $14K in Grants

Winton Woods Education Foundation

Winton Woods Education Foundation (WWEF) donated over $14,000 to Winton Woods student organizations at the district’s annual staff Convocation. This year, due to COVID-19, the ceremony was broadcasted live by Waycross in the high school’s auditorium. Ann Stankiewicz, WWEF President, along with Eileen Mannira, a member of the WWEF board, recognized and awarded this year's recipients with large checks.

“I want to thank Mr. Smith for allowing us to be a part of today’s celebration and to tell you how excited we are to kick off our annual fund drive,” said Stankiewicz. “I hope each of you is as excited as we are, but let’s be real, the job you are about to undertake is daunting. We are in awe of the responsibilities that you face in helping our students become knowledgeable and responsible individuals who can use facts and evidence to meet the challenges of our ever-changing world. We support you in the monumental task that is before you and have confidence in your abilities.

“The Winton Woods Education Foundation is an independent, nonprofit group dedicated to furthering the excellent education you are already providing our students. We are here to support new and creative ideas to help our students excel and have opportunities they might not otherwise experience. As of today, we have provided over $118,000 in grants, impacting over 8,000 students. We have funded projects such as art sculptures,  voice and instrumental lessons. Please find our new website and donation page at: On our new site you can make remembrances and memorials, a wonderful way to celebrate friends, family members, and others with a meaningful gift. You can also honor an outstanding educator or staff member. We will send a note to the celebrant or the family. Facebook also has the WWEF listed as a charity of choice so you can encourage friends and family to donate for special occasions. Remember, every dollar contributed helps enhance the educational opportunities for our students. It’s a win-win for everyone.”

The 2020 recipients of the WWEF grants, totaling $14,800, are as follows:

  • Josh Amstutz, math educator at Winton Woods High School, who received $1,500 for “Let’s Go Global”.

  • Dani Ashbrook, Beth Miller and Dr. Josh Thompson, music educators at Winton Woods High School, who received a grant of $12,000 from the Matinee Musicale for the Music Department, a Cincinnati nonprofit organization that promotes outreach in music education.

  • Claire Wilmes, intervention specialist at Winton Woods Middle School, who received  $1,300 for “Bitty & Beau’s Coffee Cart”. 


For more information or to make a tax deductible donation, contact the Winton Woods Educational Foundation at the Winton Woods Board of Education offices located at 825 Waycross Road, Suite A, Forest Park, OH 45240. c/o Eileen Mannira, (513) 619-2350 or


PHOTO CAPTION: (left-right) WWEF President Ann Stankiewicz and Winton Woods music educators Dani Ashbrook, Beth Miller and Dr. Josh Thompson, are shown with their large check at Convocation. Photo by Drew Jackson. 

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