WWHS Choir Director Beth Miller Honored with Music Educator Award

Beth Miller


At Winton Woods City Schools, our teachers give a lot of their time and effort to ensure our students reach their highest potential and are future ready. It is a wonderful thing when organizations outside of the district want to recognize them for that hard work. Winton Woods High School Choir Director Beth Miller received that opportunity when she was selected as the 2020 Cincinnati Music Educator Award by the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra (CSO). “I could not take the credit for the award,” said Ms. Miller. Since the fourth grade, she has known she wanted to be a music educator and believed the award was a reflection of her teachers. “This is their legacy.” She also mentioned she is grateful for the recognition, the CSO for taking the time to recognize music educators, and the hard work everyone does. Her goals for the seven high school ensembles include growing and maintaining strong programs while continuing to provide opportunities.

This award recognizes a K-12 music educator for their excellence in the field and includes $500 in scholarship for Professional Development. The teacher nominated “demonstrates dedication to the growth of all students in the classroom, establishes an inclusive and safe environment for students, inspires creativity and music learning through unique lessons, experiences and projects, overcomes exceptional challenges in the classroom, and advocates for music and arts education.”

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