(l-r) Board member Mrs. Katrina Rugless, Vice President Mr. Jeff Berte, former Board President Mrs. Jessica Miranda, Board members Mrs. Paula Kuhn and Dr. Viola Johnson, and Superintendent Anthony G. Smith.

Jessica Miranda ran a very vigorous and strategic campaign and was elected as the State Representative for the 28th District. She will resign her position as the President of the Winton Woods City Schools Board of Education on December 31, 2018.

Mrs. Miranda has been a faithful and committed member of the Winton Woods City Schools Board of Education for the past five years. She has been steadfast in her commitment in making sure all students are reaching their highest potential.

Jessica has been instrumental in supporting the direction of the school district while paying particularly close attention to early childhood education. The implementation of all day preschool and all day kindergarten were essential developmental educational initiatives that have helped Winton Woods City Schools earn a five-star rating.

During her term on the Winton Woods City School Board, Project Based Learning (in conjunction with the New Tech Network) has been strategically expanded across all grade bands in the district (preK-12). Winton Woods is currently one of only two districts in the country to make this commitment because of the opportunity it provides for all of our students. This was done with a focus on creating a transformational, sustainable educational model that will prepare our students to become future ready.

Winton Woods City Schools is in the process of designing two new state-of-the-art campuses which will provide an educational atmosphere that will facilitate the learning process. These extraordinary campuses can be adapted in the future as educational needs evolve.

Mrs. Miranda’s dedication to the students, parents, teachers, staff and the community have been greatly appreciated by those who have worked with her as well as the communities she has served. This commitment will serve her well in her role as one of our State Representatives for the 28th District.

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