Five new initiatives throughout Winton Woods City Schools received oversized checks as the Winton Woods Educational Foundation presented its yearly grants at Convocation on Monday, August 13.

The WWEF was established in 2006 to support and enhance the academic success of the Winton Woods School District and provide assistance for those programs and activities that fall outside traditional funding sources. Receiving grants for the 2018-2019 school year were:

The “Pre-calculus aligned Physics Project” (PCAP) at Winton Woods High School received $2500 to improve math and science scores, and also help gear students toward math and science related fields and careers through fun and engaging activities. Projects developed allow students to experiment, build, and simulate various precalculus and physics concepts to bring math and science to life.

“Girls 2 Queens/Boys 2 Kings” at the Winton Woods Middle School received $2000 for a leadership development program with speakers that discuss topics that include self-esteem, healthy relationships/lifestyles, hygiene, social media, interpersonal skills and organizational skills. Students will work with local social agencies to increase their awareness and real life implications for character development.

“Spinning to Academic Success” at Winton Woods Primary North received $1300 for a program designed to provide opportunities for physical movement in order to directly impact challenging behaviors and academic focus within the classroom setting. 

“Movement-Based Learning” Winton Woods Preschool received $700 for a project designed to strengthen students’ learning and motor skills through play-based experiences to regulate reactions to external sensory stimuli in order to focus on complex tasks or activities. And also, to demonstrate control, coordination, spatial awareness, and balance during play activities.

Winton Woods’ music department received $12,000 from the Matinee Musical. The funds will be used to further the music skills and expertise of the Winton Woods students through the acquisition of musical instruments. There will also be private tutorials during the school day for both voice and instrumental music to further the students’ knowledge and appreciation of music.

The WWEF is comprised of 15 board members who are alumni from Forest Park, Greenhills, and Winton Woods High Schools from the 1950s to the 1990s. The mission of the board is committed to building an endowment of $1 million to sustain and grow educational opportunities for Winton Woods students.

WWEF granted $18,500 in grant funding for the 2018-2019 school year. Since 2009 there have been 35 grants, totaling close to $67,000, awarded by the WWEF. These grants have provided over 5,000 student experiences that otherwise would not have been available.

For more information or to make a tax deductible donation, contact the Winton Woods Educational Foundation at the Winton Woods Board of Education offices located in a new modular behind Winton Woods Intermediate School at 825 Waycross Road, Forest Park, OH 45240. c/o Eileen Mannira (513) 619-2350 or mannira.eileen@wintonwoods.org.

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