Teresa Stone is the May Skyline Teacher of the Month for Winton Woods City Schools.

Winton Woods Primary North first grade teacher Teresa Stone was selected by WWPN Principal Kevin Jones as May’s Skyline Teacher of the Month. “Mrs. Stone is an extremely hard-working teacher who is innovative, has a growth mindset, and truly loves her students,” said Jones. “She is fully committed to getting the most growth out of her scholars while also looking for new ways to spark their curiosity and love for learning.”


Jones praised Stones’ abilities as a teacher and instructional leader among her peers. “Mrs. Stone has worked relentlessly to create a cohesive classroom team while diving head first into project-based learning (PBL),” he said. “When the decision was made to shift our instructional platform to PBL, Teresa immediately began researching and making adjustments to her schedule. The outcomes of her dedication to PBL have been widely seen this year as students extensively write and research for their project topics while they also conduct surveys and find data that they incorporate into graphs for their final projects.”


To be nominated for the Skyline Teacher of the Month, teachers must demonstrate:

  • Excellence in the Classroom by using instructional practices that support higher academic achievement.

  • Motivation by encouraging and motivating students to surpass their expectations both academically and socially.  

  • Leadership by having a positive attitude with students, parents, colleagues and the community.  

  • Creativity and Imagination by demonstrating creativity in teaching in a way that inspires students to learn.

  • Dedication by showing excellent attendance, punctuality and overall dependability.

  • Communication by communicating effectively to their students, parents, colleagues, administrators, and stakeholders.


“Mrs. Stone has seen the academic benefits of her efforts with the children as she has embraced PBL and the school-wide learning outcomes that promote student agency, oral communication and collaboration. Congratulations Teresa, on a job well done.”


The Skyline Teacher of the Month Award is sponsored by the Forest Park Skyline Chili Restaurant, a business partner of Winton Woods City Schools. Teachers honored receive a Skyline gift card.  

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