Winton Woods District on November 2021 Ballot for Emergency Levy



On Tuesday, November 2, 2021, Winton Woods City Schools will have a 5-year emergency levy on the ballot. This crucial levy would generate $3 million annually for operating expenses, which includes instructional services, maintaining all educational and extracurricular opportunities for every student. It would also provide funding for key identified areas of need including the sustainability of our 5-star preschool program and all-day kindergarten, increased enrollment, and additional school resource officers. The last time an emergency levy was passed was 2009.


This levy will continue to provide the funds for essential day-to-day operational expenses such as high-quality staff, utilities, classroom technology for all students, supplies, and equipment. There will, unfortunately, be consequences if the levy does not pass.“We did not make cuts this year but will need to cut 45 teachers and 45 staff members if this levy does not pass,” said Superintendent Anthony G. Smith. “When educational cuts occur, it hurts the educational system for many years to come.”


District Treasurer Randy Seymour said Winton Woods District has not had an increase in operating expenses (new money) since 2009, which equates to twelve years. Each household in the $100,000 price value will pay $16.21 per month, which equates to $194.60 per year. The bond passed in 2016 provided the funds for the construction of the new facilities. These tax dollars will cover the costs of what happens inside them. We are very grateful for our taxpayers’ support and the love they have shown for our children, our schools, and our community.

Where do campaign funds come from? The district cannot fund the campaign to encourage residents to vote for this levy. However, a group of parents and community members has formed a committee called Citizens for Educational Progress and School Issues (CEPSI) to generate support for the levy that will be on the November 2 ballot. Our children, our parents, and our community deserve the best to ensure Winton Woods City Schools will continue to become a proud district of destination.

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