(l-r) Board President Dr. Viola Johnson, Kiwanis Student of the Month award winner Janny Castro Gutierrez and Kiwanis Club President Ji Hadley at January’s board meeting.


Guidance Counselor John Beischel is appreciative of the positive influence and determination he sees in Winton Woods High School senior Janny Castro Gutierrez. “Janny, in her short time with us, has quickly become a school leader because of her charisma, charm and infectious personality,” said Beischel. “Students love her, teachers love her and the English Language Learners (ELL) department particularly adores her. She arrived three years ago not knowing any English and now she is in the top 30 of her senior class.”


“Janny has worked diligently this year and has been accepted into several universities, most notably Wittenberg and the University of Cincinnati. Nothing has come easy for Janny but she is an example that shows us how persistence can pay off. I do not know who Janny’s role models are but I do know Janny is the role model for many young Warriors at Winton Woods. A recent commercial says that ‘Chevy truck doesn’t just raise the bar. They are the bar.’ That is Janny Castro Gutierrez. She doesn’t just raise the bar, she is the bar. The bar that other students look to and hope to be someday. She works hard, she works smart and she works for the betterment of herself as well as others.”


Janny was recognized and honored with the Kiwanis Student of the Month award at the January board of education meeting.

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