Winton Woods Kindergartner Honored for Respect

 Jana Culbreth is shown receiving flowers from her teacher Mrs. Perkins, Photo by Drew Jackson

Winton Woods Primary South teacher Emily Perkins says on the first day of Kindergarten when she met Jana Culbreth she knew she was going to have the opportunity to teach an extraordinary Wee Warrior. “When I reflect on what it means to be a New Tech Warrior, Jana fits the description perfectly,” said Perkins. “Warriors are team players who thrive in the community. Jana knows the importance of classroom community and strives every day to support me in creating a classroom culture where students both love and respect each other. She does this by taking a strong leadership role. She first listens to directions and then models and teaches them to her peers. When working with her peers, she is slow to explain and offer support. She does not grow frustrated when her peers do not understand, instead she is motivated by the opportunity to help her classmates achieve their goal. When supporting her friends, Jana is nurturing, empathetic, and treats all students with equity. At a young age, she recognizes the power of unity in the classroom and makes it her daily mission to support her peers in being successful.”

Jana was honored at Winton Woods’ October board of education meeting with the Kiwanis Character is Key award for respect. She was then greeted by her teacher Mrs. Perkins with flowers along with an audience of smiles. “With this growth mindset and passion about community, Jana is well deserving of recognition for being a respectful New Tech Warrior,” said Perkins. “Jana, thank you for bringing to life a definition of the warrior way. You are proudly the future of our district.”





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