Winton Woods Primary North student Nylah Harper walking up to the podium to receive her award at September’s board meeting. Photo by Drew Jackson.

Winton Woods Primary North teacher Brooke Starkey will tell you that second grader Nylah Harper always goes above and beyond as a student, mentor and peer. That is why she was chosen for September’s Kiwanis Character is Key award for responsibility.


“Nylah Harper is the perfect example of a responsible student,” said Starkey. “Responsible behavior is made up of five essential elements—honesty, compassion and/or respect, fairness, accountability and courage. Nylah exemplifies all of those elements. For any task given, she follows through from start to finish. She is good for her word and very dedicated to her work. She pushes herself to the best of her ability to ensure success at all times.                      


Nylah is definitely one that I can always count on. She is responsible in the fact that if I need her assistance with an errand, helping another student in need, or simply being a model citizen, she rises to the challenge. She is responsible for helping during school-wide events, being an ambassador for younger students, and attending monthly student leadership meetings. The student leadership team is an elite opportunity that Nylah is the perfect fit for.


I am honored to have Nylah in my class this year and cannot wait to watch her grow as a young lady, learner, and most of all, a responsible leader.”


Nylah is currently a member of the Primary North second grade leadership team and was nominated to serve on this prestigious student committee by her first-grade teacher last year. She was honored at the regular board of education meeting on September 24.  

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