Forest Chapel Provides for Winton Woods Students with Back-to-School Donation

Members of Forest Chapel Church’s Back-to-School Project stopped at WWPN to deliver school and classroom supplies.

It started as a community-wide “back-to-school” outing for students but now is an annual donation drive for Winton Woods Primary North. Each year, Forest Chapel Church partners with local businesses to raise donations to fund school necessities for Warrior students and teachers. The project was again co-chaired by church members Evelyn Jones and Tess Goodall. “In 2016, it was decided that since we had an existing partnership with Primary North with providing tutoring services to the students, we would extend that partnership by solely focusing our back-to-school giveaway program on their students,” said Jones.

The bags contained folders, binders, pencils, colored pencils, markers, Kleenex boxes, glue sticks and scissors. Classrooms also received paper towels and Clorox wipes, and a special donation to the school’s nurses. 

“It means a lot to our staff and students to know that our community has again taken time to help provide for our school,” said Winton Woods Primary North Principal Kevin Jones. “We are so grateful to everyone at Forest Chapel Church. Whether it’s their willingness to give their time and support to our tutoring programs, or supplying our Warriors with school materials throughout the year. We are appreciative of everything they do.”

This year’s Back-to-School sponsors included: Ameritas Life Insurance, Cincinnati Financial, Forest Park Chamber of Commerce, Fairfield Meijer, Process Plus, and Target.

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