Winton Woods Primary South is home to 425 students in grades Kindergarten through Second Grade.  Our school is a global village of students born around the world. We are committed to producing lifelong  learners through high standards in a supportive environment.


825 Lakeridge Road, Cincinnati, OH 45231

 Danielle Wallace  wallace.danielle@wintonwoods.org

SECRETARY: Tammy Segrist  segrist.tammy@wintonwoods.org
SECRETARY: Susan Doan  doan.susan@wintonwoods.org

Lisa Lipp, RN,  lipp@lisa@wintonwoods.org
Erin LeMaster, LPN, lemaster.erin@wintonwoods.org

MAIN OFFICE: (513) 619-2470

ATTENDANCE: (513) 619-2472

MAIN OFFICE FAX: (513) 619-2479

Primary South Volunteer Coordinator:  Stephanie Combs 
  (513) 766-5256

Community Engagement Coordinator: Corina Denny denny.corina@wintonwoods.org

OFFICE HOURS: 8:30 AM - 4:30 PM

SCHOOL HOURS: 9:10 AM - 4:10 PM  (Students should be dropped off no earlier than 9:00 AM. See our 'Arrival and Dismissal Procedure' for more information.)



Students use multiple ways of learning on a day-to-day basis. Students are no longer stuck to the normal pencil/paper work environment. Our students have access to some of the latest tech available. We provide our classes with Google Nexus 7 Tablets, for extra learning advancements. We also give students a new way to test, we do this through our Chromebooks. Our Chromebooks allow students to test on a more secure platform. Technology isn't just the idea of the future. It is the future, and we will go to extensive lengths to ensure that our tech works sell with our students.