Winton Woods Primary North Student Receives Character Award



Winton Woods Primary North student Drayden Booker received the Kiwanis Character is Key award for resourcefulness at the November board meeting. Former Primary North Principal Kevin Jones had a lot of great things to say about him. “Drayden is a problem solver, a student that knows how to adjust to any situation, and uses his resources to succeed. Each and every day, he uses positive relationships with everyone in our building to gain positive rapport with his classmates and every adult he encounters. 


“Drayden is the type of student that people want around and have on their team. He is an amazingly friendly young man and it shows when he arrives at school every morning with a smile on his face. His classroom teacher Ms. Daniels said Drayden is a great leader in class and a valuable friend to all of those around him. He has the communication and people skills to positively impact everything around him. When he is unsure of things in the classroom, he uses the resources that have been provided to him throughout the year both academically and socially to master the standards of his reading, writing, and math skills. He is also able to solve his own problems this way. 


Drayden never complains and he does not give up. His resourcefulness has allowed him to stand out amongst his classmates. The Primary North staff is grateful to have a student like Drayden in the school. We believe he is going to accomplish great things.”



PHOTO CAPTION: Winton Woods Primary North student Drayden Booker is the Kiwanis Character is Key recipient. Photo by Corina Denny. 

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