WWES Welcomes Heather Ranford as Dean of Students 


Winton Woods Elementary School (WWES) is glad to welcome Dean of Students Heather Ranford as a new addition to their Warrior staff for the 2020-2021 school year. Before transitioning into her new role in August, Ranford was a special education teacher for ten years. Six of those years were spent educating students in the district, including at the intermediate school, middle school, the high school and Project Success. When asked what her job entails, she mentioned that most people think it is just discipline. However, Ranford would describe it as being a mediator and helper for students, staff, and WWES Principal Nelson Homan. Since students have not been in the classroom, Ranford has had a unique experience connecting with her students. “We have never experienced school like this before. It has been great being able to grow in a relationship with students before meeting them in person.” Ranford is a huge advocate for mental health and emotional wellness, and encourages teachers to take care of themselves in order to properly teach and care for their students. She knows the skills she has gained from her previous positions has prepared her to meet students where they are. “The connection and relationships that you build with students last forever,” said Ranford. “I’m excited to be a part of the elementary staff and looking forward to making these students my forever children.”




PHOTO CAPTION: Winton Woods Elementary School Dean of Students Heather Ranford. Photo by Drew Jackson. 


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