Questbridge Scholarship Recipients Receive Full-Ride Scholarships to College


Three Winton Woods High School seniors will now be attending four years of college for free. The Questbridge National College Match Scholarship program selected Warrior scholars Faith Augustine, Franck Djidjeu, and Elizabeth Okemmiri for a full-ride scholarship to a college of their choosing. The powerful academic organization connects the nation’s brightest students to the top universities, colleges, and opportunities.“I feel like a weight was taken off my shoulders,” said Okemmiri, who will be attending Northwestern University in the fall of 2021. “I am so glad I do not have to worry about finances and can give all my focus to school.”


Prior to receiving the scholarship, all of the students preferred to devote 100% of their focus on their academics at college and this scholarship will allow them to do just that. “I was not expecting to receive a scholarship this early in the year.” said Djidjeu, who was matched with Duke University. He plans to study pre-med and one day become a doctor. “They have really great professors and programs,” said Franck. “I also always wanted to go to a school with a lot of school spirit too.” As a Warrior, Franck sees the potential of many students and hopes this will encourage them to use their minds to open doors to greater educational opportunities. “Winton Woods students should not think sports and music are the only way to get to college for free. They should realize there is an opportunity to go through education.” He expressed school should be taken seriously. “Do not go through the motions but try hard. Trying hard starts with a growth mindset. The things you are doing now are setting you up for your future.”


Winton Woods City Schools, a Prek through Grade 12 project-based learning district, challenges students to think critically, learn time management, and collaborate with other students. These are all skills that Elizabeth Okemmiri gained during her time at Winton Woods, she plans to take these Project Based Learning skills with her to Northwestern University next fall. When asked how she has thrived academically over the past four years she said, “I have learned to get a planner each year, organize my assignments in advance, and get help as soon as possible, if needed. I have to put in hard work and study to get good grades.” She plans on studying biomedical engineering and after hopes to attend medical school to become an anesthesiologist. “My advice to Warriors is to focus on your school work and prioritize your education. Grade point average (GPA) is important from the beginning. Take risks and challenge yourself.” Okemmiri began as a freshman with honors courses and then transitioned to college courses her junior year. Now, she only has one course at the high school.


“Nothing amazing or really great can happen when you are in your comfort zone,“ said Faith Augustine, who was matched with the University of Chicago. “I hope to major in political science and study pre-law.” Her biggest motivation and inspiration is her family who wants nothing but the best for her. She received straight A’s through high school but it did not come easy. “I had to work hard,” said Augustine. “I wanted to make my entire family proud.” When asked what lesson she has learned as a Warrior and will take with her, she said consistency. “Once you get in that routine, it is hard to get out of it.” Like the other two students, Augustine feels an immense amount of gratitude to have been given such an amazing opportunity. Winton Woods celebrates Receiving a full-ride scholarship for higher education is one of the district’s priorities for Winton Woods students next to creating opportunities and students reaching their highest potential. The district congratulates these students on their hard work and wishes them the best in all their future endeavors and success. 


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