Principal's Message

Doug Sanker

Doug Sanker
Principal, Middle School

August 2020

Dear Families of Winton Woods Middle School, 

Welcome to Winton Woods Middle School and our virtual beginning to the school year.  I want to be honest:  this school year will be different.   The virtual beginning to our school year has both challenges and possibilities.  These challenges and possibilities are present for students, parents and teachers.  

The known challenges can be summarized as the following: 

  • For students:  developing the self-discipline to be the person-in-charge of one’s own learning

  • For parents:  supporting children in timely logins and following up on academic progress

  • For teachers: engaging students using new tools and meeting individual learning needs

The possibilities push across the above categories.   The learning that we will be doing virtually will prepare our students for high school, college, and the world of work.  Our society is changing, and there is greater reliance on technology and remote work.  Our students will flex their muscles around agency and collaboration.  Project Based Learning (PBL) is a model that has greater reliance on technology.  Also, there are many activities and online platforms that are very exciting and will help students challenge their thinking.

All of this being said, there are many unknowns and a lot to learn.  However, our mission stays the same:  to create in your child a rising ninth grader who is emotionally prepared, relationally capable, and academically ready for high school.  

School-Parent-Student Communication.  Communication will be increasingly important this school year.  Parents will want to know how their child is doing and that satisfactory progress is being shown.  There are also many operational aspects to school that students and parents will need to learn--things we would normally explain in a schoolhouse. Toward that end, we are creating a set of videos that can be embedded into lessons or sent directly to a parent’s phone that explain important processes and procedures.  

It is more important than ever that parents sign up for our One Call system.  You will receive updates with information about events, academics and tips for success.  Go to our district website to sign up for One Call, so you can stay informed.


We are excited to be working with your student this school year. Working together, let's make sure your child is high-school-ready.



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