Traffic Pattern/Parking During Construction

Last Updated: 8/29/2018 7:07 PM

map of new traffic pattern

Thank you for your patience during our spring traffic study. We were pleased with this process and will begin using the same traffic procedure beginning the first day of school on August 20, 2018, to support the beginning of construction of our exciting new K-6 campus next to our current middle school site.


The following are the directions for parent drop-off/pick up, student walkers, students buses and staff.  You will also find a directional map on the back of this page.


Parent drop-off and pick-up:  Parents, please enter the middle school campus at Farragut Road as usual. The main parking lot will be blocked off. Parents should drive their car past the horseshoe and drop their students off where the double lane of white lines are by the east side of the auditorium.   There is an area where there is no standing or stopping during this process. This NO STANDING LANE is marked with yellow paint and diagonal hash marks. Parents will have to wait until the drop-off area is cleared to pull through that intersection so as not to block buses pulling in and out.  Regarding the drop off lane, please pull near the curb as far up in the lane as space is available. Please check your side mirror when pulling out. Pull forward going down to the bend and circling back in the lane east of the berm. Yield to buses at the main drive.

Student Walkers:  Students walking to and from school should walk on the sidewalk to the front of the school building. The area is noted on the map.

School Buses: Buses will maintain their normal route into our horseshoe. Cars will not be permitted to enter the horseshoe during the times of 7-8:00 a.m. and 2-2:40 p.m.  Buses will leave and make a left turn at the end of the horseshoe. Cars should yield to buses at the main drive.

Staff: Teachers and staff will park along the grassy berm to the east of the auditorium.  Please leave the first five yellow lines spaces for visitors. Parking in the rectangular-shaped parking will be restricted. There is also additional parking at the end of the 140 wing.


Thank you for your support and understanding during this exciting process and as always, Go Warriors!


Beginning August 20, 2018