Traffic Pattern/Parking During Construction

Last Updated: 8/29/2018 7:05 PM

 map of new traffic pattern

As we approach the beginning of the construction of our exciting new 7-12 campus next to the current site of our high school, we will need adjust our traffic patterns beginning the first day of school on Monday, August 20, 2018 to accommodate the building process.


The following are the directions for parent drop-off/pick up, student parking, student walkers, students’ buses and staff.  You will also find a directional map on the back of this page.


Parent drop-off and pick-up:  Warrior Way will be closed to all traffic except deliveries.  ALL car drop-off and pick-up will take place in the east parking lot of the high school.  It is critical that the established traffic circulation pattern in the east lot be followed with one adjustment -- ALL vehicles exiting the east parking lot back to Central Drive MUST turn right and head southbound on Central drive to Waycross Road.  No left turn at the east lot exit will be permitted for arrival between 7:45 and 8:15 AM or for dismissal between 2:45 PM and 3:30 PM. Staff members and local law enforcement will be present to facilitate this process. Please plan for additional time when dropping off or picking up your student.


Student Parking:  Student parking will be in the smaller parking lot just east of the stadium and the visitors’ concession stand.  Additional student parking is also available along the west side of Central Drive.


Student Walkers:  Student walkers and visitors should all enter/exit the building through the east auditorium entrance designated as main entrance (door 2). Students should refrain from using other doors as they will be restricted to emergency exits.


School Buses: There continues to be no high school busing at this time except for specialized transport. The small number of buses that do serve the high school will continue to load and unload near the athletic building in front of the Walk of Fame.


Great Oaks Buses: Consistent with changes made in the spring of 2018, these two buses will continue to pick up and drop off at the Intermediate School.


Staff: All staff will park in the east parking lot. Overflow is available along the west side of Central Drive.


Thank you for your support and understanding during this exciting process and as always, Go Warriors!