The WWHS Guidance Department seeks to provide a comprehensive and developmentally appropriate guidance program to each student that will meet their individual needs, while also creating a healthy school environment.  The program is designed to educate the whole child and address student academic, career, and personal/social needs.  It is our goal that every student will have access to a quality education in a safe environment that will enable them to become a strong advocate for life-long learning and maximize their innate potential.  Armed with a plan for their future, self-advocacy skills, and problem solving skills, our students will acquire the tools necessary to become responsive citizens of their community and the world.



  • We believe all students have unique strengths and abilities that can flourish with consistent nurturing, guidance,  and support.

  • By participating in the WWHS guidance program, students not only receive a quality education in their  academic classes, but they also learn skills to be a successful student, prepare for their future, and become a responsible citizen.

  • Based on each student's individual strengths and values, counselors are able to guide students to a future that will maximize their ability to succeed in our global community.

  • Counselors help students with factors that may be impeding their success in the general classroom.

  • Counselors partner with all stake holders in a child's education (parents/guardians, teachers, administrators, and community partners) to help ensure each student has the support and resources they need to achieve their goals.

  • Counselors will collect, analyze, interpret, and utilize student data to address student needs.

  • Counselors will subscribe to the American School Counseling Association's ethical and guiding principles to define the role of the school counselor.