EXPLORE is the first in a series of tests produced by the makers of the ACT.  This test will evaluate students on their English, Math, Reading, and Sciene skills.  This test is given during the student's 9th grade year.  Although results of this test are not indicative of how a student will perform on the ACT, the information gathered can help prepare students for the PLAN and ACT in the following years.  It can also help students with career exploration and course selection as they progress through high school.

PLAN is the second test in the ACT preparation series.  This test is given during the 10th grade, and will also test students on their English, Math, Reading, and Science skills.  Like the EXPLORE test, it will help students prepare for the ACT, explore possible careers, and help with course selection during their high school career.

ACT is one of the two major college entrance exams designed to assess a student's college-readiness.  It will examine a student's general knowledge in the subjects of English, Math, Science, and Reading.  (There is also an optional Writing portion of the ACT.  When researching colleges, please be sure to find out if they require the ACT Writing test or not. ) It is recommended that students take the ACT, for the first time, during the spring of their junior year.  For more information on the preparing and registering for the ACT, please click the link below.
If you have any questions regarding the ACT, please make an appointment to speak with your Guidance Counselor.


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