Deal Nets New Bus for Winton Woods City Schools

A new agreement for a wireless cell tower easement and profit-sharing between Winton Woods City Schools and Unison Site Management has brought $99,013.50 in revenue to the district. “We plan to use this one-time cash influx to purchase a new special needs school bus for our fleet to continue to provide safe, efficient and reliable transportation to our kids to and from school and extracurricular events,” said Steve Denny, executive director of accountability and business affairs for the district. “This is also an example of the district following through on our board's charge to exercise creativity and generate new sources of revenue and income.”
Denny met with Unison Site Management representative Kenny Frank near the district’s transportation department in Springfield Township to check out the currently leased wireless communications cell phone tower. “We lease this space to T-Mobile as a long-term wireless communications easement for a monthly fee,” said Denny. “The business arrangement proposal was to sell the current lease to Unison for $99,000, which would be equivalent to almost seven years of lease rental income for the current site.”
Denny said what really made the deal attractive for the district was the agreement with Unison that any additional wireless carriers added to the current site would create a 50-50% revenue split going forward. “So, in this way, there is the single lump sum payment as well as the likelihood for future income for the district long-term,” said Denny. 
“Unison has forged over one hundred public-partnerships with government and non-profit organizations, and we are particularly proud to provide the funding for this special needs bus for Winton Woods City Schools,” said Dewey Shay, CEO of Unison Site Management.
The district chose to use the money for a new bus because “one of our special needs buses had to be put out of service last year,” said Denny, adding that the old bus would have needed an engine replacement at the cost of $20,000. “Given the age and number of miles on the bus, it didn’t make sense to realize that kind of expense. This new special needs bus will help modernize our fleet.” Winton Woods City Schools currently operates 40 buses, four are special needs buses, which is down from six special needs buses a year ago.
The new special needs bus, which is expected to arrive in October, will be equipped with specialized heavy lift equipment to safely and efficiently board and transport students in wheelchairs or who have ambulatory disabilities. It also can be used to transport any student and can seat up to 54 passengers. 

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