What is Papercut?

Papercut is a printer management system. It allows us to control printing costs at the Elementary, Middle, and High Schools. PaperCut is configured with the ink, toner, paper, and service costs for each printer in the building. All print jobs sent to printers will be evaluated for the total cost of the job and the sum will be deducted from the user’s account. When an account is exhausted, the user can no longer print.

PaperCut also allows us to place limits on the page count of print jobs sent to slower printers, which will protect printers from abuse and long wait times. It will also keep logs of all print jobs so that those abusing printers may be held accountable.



Students are given an allowance and each time a student prints, PaperCut calculates the total cost of the print job and deducts the amount from their account.

All students will be given a starting balance at the beginning of the year, and each month an additional sum will be added to the account. When the student exhausts the account, they can no longer print until the account is given another allowance the next month. To avoid emergencies, students are allowed to overdraw their account.

An account balance window is displayed for each student while they use a computer. This will allow them to keep track of their balance at all times. Every time a student prints, they immediately receive a message informing them how much the particular print job cost, and what their new balance is. When the account reaches a low balance level, the student is automatically alerted.



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