Winton Woods City Schools
Substitute Levy -- Issue #5
Tuesday, November 6, 2018 - Election Day
Polling Hours:  6:30 a.m. - 7:30 p.m.

The Winton Woods City Schools Board of Education put a levy on the ballot for the November 6 election. This $4.2 million substitute levy proposal would enable the district to continue to receive funding at the existing level for operating expenses with no increase in property taxes. The original levy passed in 2009. It will expire in 2019 but income that is generated is necessary to continue our essential operational services to all students.

What is a substitute levy? A substitute levy is one that is increasingly used by Ohio school districts because it does not raise taxes for residents. Similar to a continuation, the Winton Woods substitute levy is a substitute for the Emergency Levy approved by voters in 2009. A district qualifies to put a substitute levy on the ballot if it has a levy in place it needs to exchange or “substitute”.

School districts in Ohio are using the substitute levy approach for two reasons. One, it enables districts to better predict local income in future years; and two, it does not raise taxes for residents.

The district cannot spend any tax money on a campaign to encourage residents to vote for this levy. However, a group of parents and citizens has formed to generate support for the levy.

In the last four years, more students have become interested in the Winton Woods educational experience due to our quality academic programs. School enrollment has increased by 14% to over 3,800 students. This levy would allow the district to continue its essential operational services. The School District wants the voters to know that residential property taxes will not be raised by approving this levy.



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