The Office of the Superintendent oversees three departments: Teaching & Learning; Accountability & Business Affairs; and Human Resources & Legal Affairs and supervises all six schools....

The Business Department oversees the operation of the Buildings and Grounds Department, Transportation Department and the Child Nutrition Services Department.


School meals support our District’s goals of academic achievement. Nutrition Services serves nutritious meals that are convenient, economical and healthy to the students in the Winton Woods City Schools.

The Curriculum Department services the following areas: academic content standards, courses of study, positive behavior supports, special area programs and standard guidelines for families.

The Student Services Department services early childhood, family support, psychology, school health, special education and speech and language.


The Technology Center oversees our student information systems and is dedicated to providing high quality computing services and support.

The Treasurer's Department handles all fiscal affairs of the district, including accounts payable, payroll, employee benefits, and financial reporting.

The Office of Accountability of the Winton Woods City School District is responsible for the coordination & oversight of all federal programs in the school district...

 The Communications Department is responsible for providing clear, up-to-date communication to our students, parents, staff and communities with the goal of providing a better understanding of the role, objectives, accomplishments and needs of the district.

The Human Resources Department handles the hiring of all new employees. Please click on the Human Resources link to see detailed information regarding employment opportunities.

The Department of Teaching and Learning oversees all aspects of Winton Woods City Schools' instructional program including curriculum development, instruction, assessment, alternative education programs and student services.

 The Transportation Department's goal is to provide on time delivery of our students in a safe and stress free environment.