Extra-Curricular Opportunities


American Sign Language

American Sign Language (ASL) Club is for Winton Woods Middle School students with no prior ASL experience to students with ASL fluency. Becoming a member of ASL Club includes the following benefits: frequent information and postings of Deaf events in the Cincinnati area, ASL games and activities, Deaf culture and fun ASL vocabulary! The overarching mission of ASL Club is to increase the awareness of ASL with an acknowledgement and respect for Deaf culture. The goals of ASL Club include the following: provide students with various opportunities to interact with the Deaf community, enhance students ASL receptive and expressive skills and increase students' knowledge of Deaf culture. We look forward to an exciting first year of ASL Club!  Mr. Chapman is the moderator.  chapman.clifton@wintonwoods.org

Boys to Kings

Boys to Kings is an after school program for young men that will meet weekly to discuss topics like healthy lifestyles, self-esteem, interpersonal skills, dressing for success, manners & social graces, personal care, communication skills and appropriate interactions with others.  This club will invite various guest from the community.  Ms. Rozelle is the moderator.  Rozelle.kelly@wintonwoods.org

Game Club 

Game Club fosters critical thinking, focus and social skills through various board, card, and online games.   It meets on Monday from 2:30 to 3:20.  Mr. Dixon is the moderator.  Dixon.adib@wintonwoods.org

National Junior Honor Society

National Junior Honor Society (NJHS) is a national organization committed to developing student scholarship, service, leadership and character. New students will be inducted in the spring and we will plan whole school service and leadership projects throughout the year.  Meetings will occur on Wednesdays from 2:45 – 4:00 pm in room 244. Ms. Thompson is the moderator.   Thompson.mica@wintonwoods.org

Nepali Dance Club

In Nepali Dance Club, students learn traditional Nepali dance.This is a student-led club with a teacher moderator.Students will learn about different cultures and experience Nepali dance firsthand.It is open to any student; all you need is a desire to learn and move your body.We will meet weekly on a day to be determined throughout the school year. Ms. Steen is the moderator.  Steen.meredith@wintonwoods.org

Project Inspire

Project Inspire is a leadership club open to all 7th and 8th graders.  We meet every Thursday throughout the school year.  Students will read The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens by Sean Covey, learning these leadership principals.  Students will use problem-solving skills as they work in groups to accomplish various service projects (approximately 3-4 projects per year).  Students will also read StrengthsQuest, take on-line an assessment to discover their top five strengths, and learn how to best maximize these strengths while working with others.  Mr. Schuning is the moderator. Schuning.robert@wintonwoods.org

Spelling Bee 

The Spelling Bee is an academic competition.  Students interested in participating attend monthly meetings after school to practice and prepare.  If all qualifications are met, the winner of the WWMS event competes in the Regional Spelling Bee. Spelling Bee participants gain knowledge in language arts, word meanings, Latin roots, and public speaking.   Ms. Arnold is the moderator.  arnold.allison@wintonwoods.org

Student Council

Student Council is an extra-curricular activity for seventh and eighth grade students looking to become more involved in their middle school experience. Representatives in Student Council are leaders in our school building and work together to create a positive environment within the Middle School. Students will generate ideas and organize events, work with staff and students on activities and fundraisers, represent their fellow classmates in decision making, and much more. All students are encouraged to apply for an opportunity to build character, leadership, decision making, organization skills, and responsibility. Ms. Brand is the moderator. Brand.ashley@wintonwoods.org

Young Entrepreneur Club

The purpose of the Young Entrepreneur Club is to facilitate any student who has a desire to own a business. Students will learn all the tools to successfully operate a small business such as: operations, management, marketing and finance. Assignments will be given so that each student will have a full understanding of small business principles. Students will create a business plan, know all aspects of business ownership and be able to present. Guest lecturers will also be invited to speak on business topics.

Club meeting days will be held on Wednesdays 2:45pm-3:45pm

Winton Woods Middle School First Lego League-Robotics Club: 

Group Size: 8 students
Meetings: Room 148 WWMS

Meetings Days Monday and Tuesday and Time: 2:35 from 4:00 P.M.


WWMS strongly believes in the uniqueness of all students, and we proudly offer these after-school activities to develop student character and interests.We encourage participation accordingly.WWMS does not provide afternoon transportation for students participating in after-school clubs or extra-curricular activities.Clubs, dates and times are subject to change.Please contact a club’s moderator for additional information.


Attendance – In order for a student to practice or to participate in an extracurricular event he/she must be present in school at least one half day of the game or practice. For example, a student whose schedule is seven periods, will have to be in attendance three periods the day of an event in order to be eligible to participate. A student who signs out “ill” during the day is not eligible to practice for or participate in the event that day. Exceptions to this regulation may be made only by the principal or an assistant principal.